found a honeyhole local gun shop in my town never even thought to look! got two glock 23 mags and two ar15 mags for my uncle i dont have an ar. the ar mags are used 30 rounders for 25 each they have more 20 10 nd 5 rounders. got one new G23 mag 13rnd one used g22 mag 15rnd. after i got home i noticed on the g22 mag under where it says .40 is says "restricted Le/govt only". and "9.13.94".... so i guess i scored an old cop mag kinda cool. also have ak mags and bunch of other pistol mags. also buncha 223 and 7.62 plus 9 40 and 45 357 sig.. can only buy two boxes at a time i think thats why they still got as good stock. and everything is not a crazy price. nice to see some gun stores not being greedy pigs!