Conceal carry while u travelling internationally ?

Conceal carry while u travelling internationally ?

This is a discussion on Conceal carry while u travelling internationally ? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Can we use our conceal carry abroad ? Second question is , if u are travelling to asian countries , can u take ur gun ...

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Thread: Conceal carry while u travelling internationally ?

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    Conceal carry while u travelling internationally ?

    Can we use our conceal carry abroad ? Second question is , if u are travelling to asian countries , can u take ur gun with u ? Whic is the legall way ?

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    Well 007 always had his so I dont see why not Seriously I have no idea. Its hard enough to try stay on top of traveling state to state and ccing where supposedly our movement is supposed to be restricted.
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    I’ve done it but only as active duty military and then we turned our weapons into Command Post after landing and before entering crew rest. As far as I know no country will accept an American CCW.
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    I can't say for sure, but I'd be HIGHLY surprised if this was possible. And I mean, like just found out I won the power ball type surprised.
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    No chance in hell this is even remotely possible unless you are in the military, a spy or a criminal. Not even in the US, which is the most pro-gun country in the world, would the government allow foreigners to enter the country legally as tourists or legal aliens with their own weapons or be able to buy them in their soil and have a concealed carry license. The best you can aim for while traveling internationally is to be able to take a knife, a collapsible baton, a monkey fist or a small pepper spray for self-defense, but even so there are different regulations for each country and you could also get in trouble (Europe and Asia specifically are problematic).

    Just to give you an idea of how extreme it is, I own an apartment in Florida and I went to college in the US, yet I have to go through all kinds of hoops just to be able to handle a handgun at any range. I also know of a Costa Rican citizen imprisoned in the US for 5 years due to his intent of traveling out of the US with a red dot sight and a hunting scope in his luggage that he legally bought at a gun show in Florida. The U.S. Department of State has strict regulations and penalties for individuals that try to "export" certain firearms accessories, parts, firearms or ammo. You have to be VERY careful with this.
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    If you by chance do decide to travel abroad and carry concealed just remember the phrase "I'm an American, I have my rights!"

    That always works.
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    Not unless you want to be featured on "Locked Up Abroad"...
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    Other than Canada and Mexico in NA, anywhere in South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, The Middle East any of the former Soviet Union/Eastern Bloc countries, Australia/Oceania and Antartica I'd say you're good to go (although) I may have missed some.

    Wait, you may be OK in Somalia. Since there is no active gov't (practically speaking) I guess there are few laws, so legally, you may be good to go. But it's probably best to check with the local warlord.

    And, be sure to always check in with the local American Embassy. They probably can't help you get out of jail, but it's nice to get a visit from someone who speaks your language.

    I kid, I kid. I haven't come close to visiting every country but have been to Canada/Mexico, most countries in Latin America, several countries in Europe and Asia. Virtually none of them recognized a concealed carry license from any state in the U.S. And most of them were far more restrictive than the U.S. regarding the right to own, much less carry a firearm.

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    In its brief existence, this thread has outlived its usefulness.

    To the OP, the short answer is NO.

    Thread closed.
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    You forgot the flogging the OP will receive.
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