Where do you do your private sales?

Where do you do your private sales?

This is a discussion on Where do you do your private sales? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I've always been curious where people typically do their private sale transactions? Do you have them come to your house? Do they come to yours? ...

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Thread: Where do you do your private sales?

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    Where do you do your private sales?

    I've always been curious where people typically do their private sale transactions? Do you have them come to your house? Do they come to yours? Do you meet in a public place? I've always thought a public place (i.e. parking lots) seem to be a bad idea in my opinion due to the buyer wanting to actually handle and inspect the gun.

    I apologize if this has already been covered, couldn't find it in the past threads. Mods, feel free to remove this if it has!
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    Ive bought and traded or sold guns at my home, the other guys home, at the grocery store parking lot, even traded pistols once at a convience store
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    For the few that we've done, it's been in a public place. I was more than willing to meet them at a shooting range each time, but none wanted to. That was for a S&W Sigma 9mm, a Ruger SR9, and an AR-15 lower. The Sigma I met them at my place of employment (the guy was a sheriff's department employee with proof), the Ruger was in a sporting goods parking lot, and the lower was at a gun show, and then to a sporting goods parking lot, since we couldn't determine if private sales were okay in the gun show (got conflicting info from two different people working at the gun show).

    Like Craig's List, no WAY I'd ever let someone come to my home, or vice-versa. At the very least, it would be a shooting range.
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    Parking lot of either the gun range or a gun store. Either causes less alarm when a gun is seen.
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    I would rather meet in a parking lot you can always get in your or their car or truck to inspect it and less chance of something going wrong with traffic in the area, lets face it you don't know what you are walking into and neither do they. JMHO

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    I just don't sell firearms. I like private purchases however, either at a gun show or from an individual known to me.
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    Most of my private purchases have been at gun shows with private collectors thinning out their collections.
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    Usually in a dimly lit smoke filled room in a "seedy" part of town....
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    My last 3 were at...
    - sellers house
    - truck stop parking lot
    - gun show
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    Quote Originally Posted by Crowman View Post
    Usually in a dimly lit smoke filled room in a "seedy" part of town....
    Yeah that's my 'story' too and I'm stickin' to it.

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    Not into parting with weapons, just acquiring them. I'm a big fan of private sales and anywhere with a parking lot works just fine for me.
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    In a funeral home.
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    Parking lots, public place. I am always a little more alert going in, but everytime so far I've been very comforted after meeting the individual.
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    MY experiences have been:

    At the person's home
    Public parking lot at a gun store
    Police captain's vehicle.

    God Bless

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