Why Spend The Money?

Why Spend The Money?

This is a discussion on Why Spend The Money? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Okay ... why spend the money. Right now you can buy a Ruger P95 for around $375 - depending where you go, sales, etc. A ...

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Thread: Why Spend The Money?

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    Why Spend The Money?

    Okay ... why spend the money.

    Right now you can buy a Ruger P95 for around $375 - depending where you go, sales, etc.

    A Glock, Sig, H&K, and other "top end" guns run from $550 to more than $600.

    So my question - why? Are these guns worth $200 more and if so why?

    Please note - I've never had the pleasure of shooting a glock, h&K, sig ...

    Just curious what you get for $200+/- more.

    (I'm keeping this on a value level ... not purpose or where you would use it).
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    I have a couple of Rugers and I am very happy with them. But the Sig 380 acp is $200 more than the Ruger 380. Better sights, easier to handle and has a better trigger. Worth $200 more to me? No, I bought the Ruger. But made a huge difference to my wife so I bought her the Sig. The value to me was knowing she is comfortable with the gun and therefore she will practice with it.

    I dont own a Glock but I have some friends who feel the Glock is nearly indestructible and will fire even if dragged tbrough the dirt. Watching a few videos on you tube says they may be right.

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    Sorry but part of the answer lies in what one will be using the pistol for.

    If you are going to CC this pistol, are you willing to carry an Abrams tank, or a Chevy Malibu around all day.

    Nothing wrong with the Ruger, my son has an 85. Great shooting pistol, way better than a Beretta 92fs IMHO.
    But the others weigh far less, and don't have any safeties or the like to fuss with, which a lot of CC'ers will traditionally look for in a carry pistol. Simplicity, ease of carry.
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    If you join GSSF you can get a new Glock for @$400. I carried an H&K for about 12 years and am an H&K armorer, they are fine weapons. I carry a Glock now, by choice. Sig's are very fine weapons, much more refined than your Ruger. Of the ones you mentioned I think the Ruger has the worst trigger. If you are happy with your Ruger stick with it, they are fine weapons, and they can be shot very well by a competent shooter.
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    The P95 is a tank of a gun. I've made several holsters for it, and the thing is huge. Controls are large too. I'm sure it's a great gun, and I've been told so. But for $200 you get something smaller, lighter, probably built to tighter tolerances, better controls, and possibly built to CC. As a holster maker, there is a difference between a gun built for CC and one that is not. Guns built for CC usually have smaller controls and rounded edges. Which makes it easier for me to work with, and easier on the holster itself. Sharp edges and corners dig into holsters and flesh; as can oversized controls.

    Heck, I just went looking for softball bats for my daughters. For $29 you can get a short heavy bat, for $49 you get the same size bat but lighter, for $79 you get a get a longer bat that's lighter than the cheap one, and for $119 you get the longest bat on the rack that happens to be the lightest one too. It's all about materials, how expensive they are, and how much it costs to work with them. Same with guns to a point. And it seems that point is about $500-$600. Good blend of cost and benefit. After that you start buying into the name in some cases.

    Is it worth it? That's your call.
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    If its an EDC you need to go with what h our comfortable but IMHO nothing beats the reliability of a glock and many tests have proven that butvthis is a question you will get a different answer from everybody, si just go with whats good for you.

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    I would go for the Ruger SR9c for $400. I'd like to have one myself.

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    I was a Kimber 1911 fan...great gun, very expensive, and easy to carry.
    Then I discovered Glock, great gun, easy to carry, very dependable...not for everyone, but it works very well for me.

    Asking 20 others about what gun, or what holster, and you'll get 20 different responses. It's like asking what kind of shoes you should buy...only you can pick out what works for you.
    Travel the gun shops and start handling various platform, makes and models...soon one will start calling out your name.

    Now this forum is a great source for info, but we all have our personal tastes for specific reasons.
    Thank goodness that not everyone has discovered Glocks, if they had, they would be much more expensive and harder to find.

    I know from experience that the 'extra' $$$ that I spend on Glocks is worth every penny, and each one will be handed down through generations in my family.
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    Firearms are based on various factors such as:

    * Quality of construction

    * Brand name

    * Demand for certain firearms

    * Reliability

    * You get what you pay for
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    Honestly if you have to ask you probably wouldn't understand...I was like that too when I first started shooting. As I gained more knowledge and experience with firearms, I learned to appreciate the better designs, fit and finish, and over all quality of HK's and Sig's. High quality can be found at a lower price point though. I recently replaced my HK with a CZ 75 P-01.

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    My advice would be be to handle as many different firearms as possible and try to shoot as many as you can and then buy the firearm that you shoot the best and like the most and then buy that one if you can afford it.
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    The difference between the two is the size and weight. Both guns are equally strong but a Glock uses more modern materials and a more modern manufacturing process. This gives you a gun that is just as strong but lighter, quicker and easier to carry. The better materials/manufacturing processes come with a higher cost.

    Glocks AND Rugers are considered bombproof and both have great reputations for durability. Ruger gets there by using a ton of steel so they are heavier but less expensive.

    If you are on a budget a Ruger would be a great puchase, especially for a house gun that isn't going to be carried. If you want the best then buy the Glock.

    If you want to find a happy medium on price/weight/concealability you may wish to look at Ruger"s SR9 series of pistols. They are Rugers attempt to copy a Glock.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kc_hhsl View Post
    (I'm keeping this on a value level ... not purpose or where you would use it).
    Value is in the eyes of the beholder. Some are stuck on the brand name to the point where nothing would dissuade them, even total failure. It hurts to be in the wrong camp.
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    Short answer - Yes, they are worth the extra $$ - for many different reasons.

    I'll echo some of the things already said - I really learned this more as I got more into guns and shooting. I've gotten to shoot a good variety of guns from asking people at the range, and once you shoot em - sometimes it becomes obvious why they are different/better/worse. It's like cars, why would you spend more on a honda/toyota over a kia/saturn? I bet after you drove em both for a while, you'd find lot's of reasons why.

    I have shot a buddy's P94 a couple of time's, I'm a big fan - it's a great gun, I love it's tank like features. But it's totally different from my glock, CZ, M&P ect. and those are really different from each other as well.
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    I had the Ruger p-95 once. And it was a great gun it was just to bulky for me and my needs. I wanted a gun to carry use for hd and range use. And after trying several kinds I ended up with a S&W m&p9c and a Springer xdsc which my son now has. I got each gun for less than $500. And both work great.

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