Did you buy the last Glock in the United States ??

Did you buy the last Glock in the United States ??

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Thread: Did you buy the last Glock in the United States ??

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    Did you buy the last Glock in the United States ??

    The UN Small Arms Treaty was passed by the UN. All of the European countries voted for it, and plan to implement it. It is NOW a question.... being asked by many ... what some of the parts of this will mean, because it means that the countries are saying they will not export any guns (especially for ownership by citizens in the other country) any weapons or guns of war, that can be used in mass shootings, and / or are small arms (including handguns, etc). This includes not only guns, but parts.

    So, the guestion being asked (even by news agencies, attorneys and others) .... does it imply what they think it does, and that many common handguns, rifles or shotguns imported to the United States will no longer be exported by those countries. That means Glocks, some beretta's, CZ parts, etc.......as well as AK's, etc. It also may also mean .... ammunitions made for AK's, AR's, etc.

    Whooopie.... hope not, but what if ... you just bought the last Glock imported to the United States ?

    It is NOT just about whether or not our Senate ratifies the treaty, but what other countries will do as a result of implementing it in their countries and how that will impact those of us in the United States.

    Right now, there is no clear answer to that question.
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    The US commercial market for guns and ammo is large enough that almost any foreign manufacturer will be justified in setting up a US subsidiary to manufacture their product within the US, thereby avoiding any export restrictions in their own country. Such companies as Glock, Sig, Beretta and H&K did this long ago. Other foreign companies have licensed their production to established US manufacturers, such as Walther to Smith & Wesson. As for Glock, I'm confident that they will do whatever they have to do in Smyrna, Georgia to keep Glocks and Glock parts coming to the US market.
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    I thought Glock was already here in the US. Georgia?

    Oops, Pogo beat me to it.
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    Glock already has manufacturing facilities in the USA. Many foreign-based manufacturers do, actually. I don't think it's out of the realms of possibility that they'll just add to those facilities to produce their firearms in the USA if they havn't already done so.

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    If I am not mistaken, FNH manufactures their guns in Fredricksburg, Virginia. Is my information correct?

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    The US is the largest firearm and ammo market in the world, so it is highly unlikely that any serious manufacturer would not want to sell and market their products to Americans. Therefore, most foreign firearm manufacturers like Glock, Heckler & Koch, Beretta, Sig Sauer, and Walther among others already have manufacturing facilities producing their products in US soil or have ongoing agreements with US manufacturers (such as Walther with S&W) to produce their firearms. Those that don't have them right now, will probably follow suit shortly or they will lose a huge chunk of market share.

    Additionally, the best ammo in the world is made in the USA by Remington, Winchester, Federal, Hornady, Double Tap, Buffalo Bore, Speer, etc. so I think you guys shouldn't have to worry about further constraints with this UN Treaty. Nonetheless, I do think that the UN Treaty will definitely affect defense contractors and modern armament manufacturers in the US such as Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Raytheon, L-3 Communications, General Dynamics, Northrop, Colt, Armalite, Arsenal Inc., Barrett, Bushmaster, Caspian Arms, etc. that export billions of dollars to Europe, Asia and Latin America every year.
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    If you think firearm prices are ridiculous now....just wait until the only ones you can get are 'made in the USA'......
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hoplyte View Post
    If I am not mistaken, FNH manufactures their guns in Fredricksburg, Virginia. Is my information correct?
    And Columbia, SC

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    I have been to the Beretta factory in Maryland. From what I understand any company that manufactures weapons for the U.S. military, U.S. law requires them to maintain a manufacturing facility inside the U.S..

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    Maybe more will move to the U.S. It could be the only jobs our prez creates...
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    Yes, I just bought the last glock in the US - it can be yours for only $10,000
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