Thoughts on airguns

Thoughts on airguns

This is a discussion on Thoughts on airguns within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; With the rising cost of ammo and availibility. Whats your take on airguns for practice and worst case senario use for a defensive purpose. They ...

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Thread: Thoughts on airguns

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    Thoughts on airguns

    With the rising cost of ammo and availibility. Whats your take on airguns for practice and worst case senario use for a defensive purpose. They got larger than .177 caliber now I think all the way up to .45 caliber. Just something to ponder on.

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    They're fine for trigger-time (practice). But for defensive purposes, I might prefer a wrist rocket loaded with .36 caliber round lead balls. Yeah, I know they advertise airguns taking good-sized critters. And I know there are high-dollar, high-power air monsters. But there are other defensive options (bow & arrow, etc,) I think I'd investigate.
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    In a full breakdown situation, I would like to have one for hunting rabbits and squirrels. I would want to avoid advertising to the community that I have firearms (guns are LOUD).

    But in that type of a scenario, I'm doubting I'll be around too long - too many Bubbas with deer rifles.

    For self-defense, I'm thinking I would prefer a shotgun.
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    CO2 replicas and Airsoft replicas are good training tools. You can draw, move, engage multiple targets with cheap ammo, and develop no recoil flinch. I prefer dry fire and .22 practice. Dry fire is still free, but even .22 is scarce, so CO2 and Airsoft may be becoming better options.

    They have no place for SD tools.

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    The most accurate guns I own are airguns. Great for working on trigger and sight alignment skills, and are actually an excellent tool for learning how to master ballistics (bullet drop) and doping wind. The Field Target crowd have some impressive marksmanship skills. My guns are spring-type .177 cal and I've taken squirrels, rabbits and pigeons with head shots at pretty good ranges (my longest pigeon kill was about 50 yards).

    But for self defense, I think they're in a class with a police whistle. Can't do any harm, might deter some bad guys, but nothing you should rely on.
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    I've set up some targets in my basement that allow me draw from concealment, move and rapid fire, something I can't really practice at the ranges around here. Standing in a lane, closing one eye and punching perfect little holes in a paper target doesn't seem particularly useful to me but I could be missing something. People say you fight like you train and I'd rather spend my time developing muscle memory for something that might be useful should the need arise. I've been using Umarex - Walther P99 CO2 Airsoft which has "some" blowback. I actually stumbled across this thread looking for some way to control/contain the BBs. I'm sure I'll never recover them all but I'm single and o.k. with that.
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    While a proper air rifle can and has been used to kill humans successfully, the firing rate ruins it's usefulness for SD. I have temporarily incapacitated a guy with a paintball gun, but I don't recommend it, and it was not concealable. I think my Crossman air pistol would only anger someone and leave nasty welts.

    Side note, I had a booth selling antique stuff at the Alameda Antique faire, located on the closed Navy base conveniently located between San Francisco and Oakland. The rules said i could not sell or display a firearm or replica of one. Nothing was written precluding CC, and I did. There was a guy selling vintage air pistols, doing a good amount of business. I am not going to be the one to tell the staff that air pistols can be deadly.
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    I have been lambasted over this since the invention of such items. I still contend that they are great for practice. Obviously completely useless for self defense but training with this platform is better than training with nothing. People learn by doing. OK... Flame suit on
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