How has the ammo shortage affected you?

How has the ammo shortage affected you?

This is a discussion on How has the ammo shortage affected you? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; This is how the ammo shortage affected me: 1. I used to shoot once a week and now I am shooting once every two months. ...

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Thread: How has the ammo shortage affected you?

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    How has the ammo shortage affected you?

    This is how the ammo shortage affected me:

    1. I used to shoot once a week and now I am shooting once every two months.
    2. I no longer shoot my range guns as I have to conserve my ammo for my carry and home defense guns.
    3. I no longer enjoy the camaraderie of the guys at the range each week.
    4. I am poorer due to paying twice as much or more for ammo.
    5. My 1000 round per caliber supply is slowly being depleted faster than I can or am willing to replenish it at today's ammo prices.
    6. I used to buy, trade and sell a gun at least once a month and now I just bought my last two for the rest of this year and probably next too because I just do not have the ammo or want to incur the cost to buy the ammo to break them in. I also passed on buying a gun in a caliber for which I had no ammo.
    7. I sold off two of my 4 .22's because my idea of shooting .22 ammo cheaply each week went out the window along with the availability of bulk ammo I used to buy. Now I treat my .22 ammo the same as any other caliber which is to be used sparingly.
    8. When I do go shooting to test my gun and the shooter, I only shoot 2-3 mags rather than a whole box or two of ammo. I no longer make an afternoon out of a range session and am usually in and out before my paid for hour is over.
    9. My wife misses the half a day each week that I was out of the house which she used to clean my man cave to get rid of the funky smell and layers of dust that I let accumulate.
    10. I now have a whole day a week that I have to fill with some other activity so I am looking for a new hobby. I bought a bicycle but it is not as much fun as shooting and I sweat more. :)
    11. I cannot afford the ammo cost to compete in shooting matches anymore.

    Last but not least, I have stopped introducing new shooters to the sport by paying for their ammo during their initial one or two range visits. Once most people hear the cost of ammo they do not want to spend that much to see if they like to shoot.

    How has your life changed? I did stock up on ammo when I first suspected this was coming and had a 1000 rounds of each caliber I shoot in reserve but I cannot replace it as fast as I shoot it unless I shoot only occasionally. I used to shoot a box and then buy a box. Now I shoot a box and cannot find a box. :)
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    I have 100 rounds of JHP 9 mm for my EDC. That is all. I am new to guns and am one of those people you refer to above. You would have been buying my first couple boxes but I decided this was too important and bought them myself.

    I don't know what it feels like to buy ammo at decent prices, but I refuse to contribute to the madness and pay $1/rd or close to it for 9mm. I have seen it for closer to .30/rd but am not registered on the sites that have it. By the time I get to it, they are sold out. Either that or it is Natchez and they won't sell in Tennessee because they are located here. I suppose they don't want to have to collect the sales tax. /RANT OFF
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    It has'nt.. I have plenty of components on hand, as well as a healthy supply of ammunition for the 9mm. When I want to shoot, I load up a 50 or so rounds and head to the range.
    I also have thousands of rounds of .22 ammo.

    I can hold out till all the damn fools bankrupt themselves.
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    1. I have shot a combined total of 100 rounds through all my guns over the past four months.
    2. My son has not been able to shoot at all as we have no extra bulk buy .22lr.

    I also have about 1000 rounds for all calibers, but am unwilling to use it.
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    Tell me more about this ammo shortage that you speak of...
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    I shoot much less than I used to.
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    I have 25 rounds of self defense ammo. And finding FMJ for practice is a tall order.

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    My local range hasn't really been gouging ammo so I have been shooting once a week. Only thing different is I have been shooting slow for accuracy really taking my time instead of mag dumps and double taps. I gave up on searching for FMJ rounds its not worth the aggravation.

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    I had just gotten back into shooting regularly when the fit hit the shan. Pee'd me off. I would not be denied though so I scrounged some components and fired up the reloading operation. I'm shooting 100-150 rds. a week and I can keep doing that for a while. Things are starting to show on the shelves again so as long as I can get components I'll be good to go.

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    All I have is HD rounds cant find any .40 to shoot at the range and if I do the prices are way to high. I blame that on me for not seeing this coming. I haven't shot in months.
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    "Wiley Coyote" thinks I shoot too much....

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    Just ordered 200rds 5.56 from a company called Center Mass. I checked back at thier site a couple hours later and they were sold out. I have never ordered ammo on line before. they claim to ship in about a week. I hope this works out O.K. It was the cheapest I had seen in a while at .65 a round. Yea I know it is reloads but if it comes then I can shoot my AR for the first time in over two months.

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    I started stocking up a little here a little there, 5 years ago during election season when it became evident that America was bent on committing suicide.
    So this time around when the inmates showed they control the Asylum, I'm stocked and can wait for sanity to return... if it does.
    Nothing much ammo-wise has changed for me as I never have shot as much as many here say they do. I would if I could though.
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    I have been panic selling guns and ammo. I sold four ARs, several Glocks, and my FNH FNX 5.7. I sold all of my 9mm ammo and all of my 5.7X28mm ammo since I no longer own a gun in either caliber. I haven’t made any major ammo purchases since the day before Obama was reelected.
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    To the OP and others in this situation. Take note of what's going on, so when the dust settles, start putting a little ammo away for a rainy day.
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