What guns would you buy, with unlimited funds?

What guns would you buy, with unlimited funds?

This is a discussion on What guns would you buy, with unlimited funds? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; If you could start from scratch with money no object, what handful of guns would you want to own? Let's keep the list to 10 ...

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Thread: What guns would you buy, with unlimited funds?

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    Question What guns would you buy, with unlimited funds?

    If you could start from scratch with money no object, what handful of guns would you want to own?

    Let's keep the list to 10 max. Handguns, rifles, shotguns, or other. Lawful acquisitions presumed.
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    Sierra Vista, AZ
    Anything from Les Baer or Nighthawk. FN SCAR Heavy. Lots and lots of ammo (definitely the big ticket item!!!)


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    You don't really need unlimited funds to buy 10 guns

    I thought about your question for awhile, trying to come up with the 10 guns I would buy with unlimited funds. I decided that "unlimited funds" to me represents a very large sum of money, perhaps millions of dollars. If you asked me what house I would buy with unlimited funds, I would probably pick some mansion costing several million in a good neighborhood with a great view. But guns just don't cost that much, and you can build a nice collection of 10 outstanding guns at maybe $2,000 each on average, or $20,000. The only way to get a lot higher than that would be to collect guns with historical interest, like Hitler's PPK or Teddy Roosevelt's rifle. And the ordinary person can accumulate $20,000 worth of very nice guns with a little time and patience, using "limited funds".
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    Hiding inside a bottle of Jim Beam Black in S. FL.
    In no particular order: Nice 1911 - something in .38 Super; Ruger Blackhawk in .41 Magnum; .38 Snubbie - still haven't made up my mind which; Ma Duece - just for fun (That might put an end to the unlimited funds); An AR - just because the Libs don't like them; A Garand; M1 Carbine
    Retired USAF E-8. Curmudgeon at large.
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    ....2 KP90 decockers...another KP97DC...another KP95DC...a 3" SP101...two M64 2"...two Stainless Speed Sixes...one 2+, one 4"...and one High Standard Sentinel Deluxe 4"...

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    I just returned from a 10 minute daydream after reading the title of this thread. Or was it a day?

    There are quite a few on my list, some of them heavily customized (I would love to rebuild a modern version of the sniper rifle I used in the Marines), and some are not so expensive I could not buy them, but I cannot justify the expenditure for such things I do not need.

    Anyhow, I will come back later with more perhaps, but the definite, absolute first on the list is...

    • Gun: Desert Eagle, .50 AE, Titanium Gold w/ Tiger Stripes.
    • Link: Magnum Research Desert Eagle, .50 AE, Titanium Gold w/ Tiger Stripes - Style # DE50TG-TS, MRI Shop / Firearms
    • Reason: This is the defensive handgun you will never need to fire. One flash of this dragon pistol and the bad guys know they have stumbled upon something scarier than they have ever imagined, the King of Gun Nuts.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	gold titanium destert eagle w tiger stripes.jpg 
Views:	103 
Size:	8.3 KB 
ID:	71179

    And these that follow are not in any particular order, but definitely on The List:

    • Gun: Marlin Model 1895SBL
    • Link: Marlin Model 1895M in 450 Marlin
    • Reason: I have always wanted a big-bore lever gun. This one keeps telling me to buy it...and a couple of pack horses, a ranch in Idaho, and...other stuff. =)

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	marlin 1895 sbl.jpg 
Views:	107 
Size:	5.3 KB 
ID:	71181

    • Gun: KelTec PMR-30
    • Link: Kel Tec CNC
    • Reason: A pistol with a 30 round magazine. A pistol with a 30 round magazine. A PISTOL with a 30 ROUND MAGAZINE! I don't even care if it works. Two of them, one holstered on each side, with two backup mags for each on the belt as well. It is only 22 mag, but that is 180 rounds on your belt. All you have to do is keep returning fire until you know the bad guy is out of ammo, then walk out gunslinger style, one in each hand. Or maybe that is Matrix style, not sure. Silencers with this might make this a solid #2 on The List.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	keltec pmr 30.jpg 
Views:	108 
Size:	64.2 KB 
ID:	71182

    • Gun: IMI Tavor TAR-21
    • Link: Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) Ltd, TAR
    • Reason: I love the idea of a bullpup, but I have doubts about the quality of most. I would prefer one in a larger caliber. I like having the accuracy modifier of a longer barrel in a shorter overall length.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	tavor tar.jpg 
Views:	102 
Size:	27.8 KB 
ID:	71183

    • Gun: The Duck's Foot Pistol
    • Link: Consult The Google
    • Reason: I need a plan for multiple attackers if they limit mag capacity for pistols.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	duck pistol.jpg 
Views:	102 
Size:	16.7 KB 
ID:	71184

    The List is quite large and includes flamethrowers, but staying within the constraints of your discussion guidance (for now).
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    Apr 2011
    A custom 1911, a big bore lever gun, a Winchester model 70 pre 64, a Colt 1911 in .38 super, an AR15, an M16, a SAW, Colt SAA, Ma Duece (ammo is included right?)

    "Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt" ~ Mark Twain

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    Ghost Ridge USA
    Sako Finnbar 25-06, 338 Lapua from Bushmaster,AA12, 4 Springfield 1911 fully loaded, 22Hornet

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    Member Array RGNewell's Avatar
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    San ANtonio, TX
    GE Mini Gun. there are 5 pre-1986 guns around Barret 50BMG semi auto that's enough
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    United States
    Something like this to just put in my safe and let my kids find one day. I would fire it once just to hear its voice.

    BLASER K77 IMPERIAL GRADE with SCOPE - Blaser Rifles

    "come and take them"
    King Leonidas of Sparta

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    Feb 2013
    A few originals to fill out my gun room:
    Gatling Gun - Colt 1877 Bulldog
    Pinch Frame Colt SAA
    Colt Thompson 45 Auto
    "Every man is my superior in some way, in that I learn of him." - Emerson

    "The value of good work lasts far longer than the sting of working for too little money." - Patrick Truillio

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    I like threads like this.

    Believe it or not, I have all the guns I want. I'm constantly searching the internet forums for more but rarely do any catch my eye. I recently acquired a couple of SW 36's and and older 60-3 which filled my "void." I would like a K frame snubbie, but it's not something that I feel I'm "missing," if that makes any sense. By the way, the most expensive gun I have is a Sig Sauer P229 Extreme in 9mm, and it did not make the list.

    If I had to keep only 10 (and the reasons for choosing them)

    1) Colt Agent Revolver (It was my dad's)
    2) Remington Model 25 in .25-20 (It was my grandmother's on my mother's side)
    3) SW 640 Pro (Utility SD gun)
    4) SW 686+ 4" (Utility HD Gun)
    5) Ruger MK III Standard (Everyone needs a .22 pistol)
    6) Winchester Model 62A (A Christmas gift from my wife)
    7) Marlin Model 60 DLX (Everyone needs a relatively inexpensive .22 rifle)
    8) SW 34-1 (A Christmas gift from my wife)
    9) SW model 60-3 (Everyone needs a model 60 in .38 only)
    10) Marlin 1894CSS (.357/.38 lever in stainless, because everyone wants to be a cowboy at least once)

    This is a rather modest list, none of the guns are overly expensive, and all but one are shooters. My old Remington 581 that I've had since I was 13 is not on there, but.....the dial doesn't go to 11.
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    -PEF, Refugee from the Island of Misfit Toys

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    DFW Texas
    1. Holland and Holland 12 bore Royal over/under
    2. Holland and Holland .470 round action double rifle
    3. Any 1911 by Mark Morris
    3. Fabbri 12 ga over/under
    4. H&K G36K
    5. H&K MP5A3
    6. Barrett M99
    7. Full auto G17
    8. BAR
    9. Ma Deuce
    10. Colt Python
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    Senior Member Array sparkykb's Avatar
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    May 2012
    United States
    No particular order, just kind of naming these off the top of my head. I'm sure there are others that I'm forgetting. Some are in the realm of me owning them sometime in the future, just don't have the cash to get them now

    SCAR Heavy

    Larue OBR

    GA Precision Gladius

    Barrett M107A1 Flat Dark Earth

    Daniel Defense MK18

    Benelli M4

    M1 Carbine - Original

    M1 Garand - Original

    M1A1 Thompson - Original

    Sturmgewehr (StG) 44 - Original

    Edited to add: I missed the part in the OP that it was a list of what 10 guns you would own starting from scratch.....I listed 10 guns above that I would buy "just because" if I had the money.

    My from scratch list would be

    Colt 6920

    Daniel Defense MK18

    SCAR Heavy

    Larue OBR

    Benelli M4

    Glock 34

    Glock 17

    Glock 19

    Glock 26

    Larry Vickers built 1911

    Way more boring list the second time around
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    Member Array gallardo.g23's Avatar
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    first off if i had unlimited funds, i would buy a big house with lots of property, i would have kevlar and other bullet proof materials inside and outside the walls to withstand upto multiple 50bmg rounds, my windows would be fully functional and bulletproof upto multiple 50bmg hits.

    1. Barret rec7
    2. mp7 submachine gun
    3. a sweet 338 lapua rifle
    4. fn five seven
    5. m60 machine gun
    6.all glock and m&p models
    7. benelli m4
    8. bulk bulk ammo

    and plenty more.

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