FNX 40 or BERETTA 96 A1

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Thread: FNX 40 or BERETTA 96 A1

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    FNX 40 or BERETTA 96 A1

    Ok I want to add a 40cal to my stable since I don't currently have one. I'm looking to add the 40 due to the fact that I can readily get 40 ammo on a regular basis. I know there are a lot of different 40's out there but these two are the ones i'm most interested in. I got to hold both and they have two totally different feels but they both still feel very good in the hand. Who knows one of them may even fall into the carry rotation. I know some will say the 96 is too big and heavy to carry but I can adjust my dress for that and my Wilderness belt is more than adequate for the weight.

    I don't have a lot of experience (non at all) with these two guns so this is where you the great forum members come into play. I have done a lot of research on both and checked out videos on them as well. It looks to me both are very well made and both are reliable guns as well. I have found out that Beretta has better customer service though than FN does.

    So what are the thoughts of these two guns from you the forum members here?

    I am looking to pick one of these two up in the next few days or by the weekend at the latest. Any information or help that you may be able to provide on these two firearms will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time on this subject.

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    Unless you are stuck on these two guns, I would recommend a glock 22 or an M&P .40...both are much cheaper just as awesome and have availablke doodads ( IE trigger kits) to make them shoot any way you like....and still cost less than either of the first two, unless you want a hammer fired gun.
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    I tried them both at our gun store 2 weeks ago. Didn't like the way the Beretta felt in my hand. It felt really fat and was tough to get a comfortable grip on it. The FN looks nice, but felt really light and the grips were a tad on the sharp side. So, went with a M&P. Felt comfortable and you can have custom features put on it if you'd like.

    Give them both a try, but don't just limit yourself to these 2 guns. There might be one in the display case that catches your eye and becomes yours.

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    I have a FNX40 and love it! Also own a MP but in 9mm. Am not into Glocks what so ever, but either way a FNX or MP would make fine additions.


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