Pressure cooker controls coming?

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Thread: Pressure cooker controls coming?

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    Pressure cooker controls coming?

    Will we need a background check to buy a pressure cooker now?
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    Yep, plus ball bearings, carpenter nails, cell phones and batteries.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gasmitty View Post
    Yep, plus ball bearings, carpenter nails, cell phones and batteries.
    And backpacks.
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    Not likely although I think they used black powder for the incendiary, and whom but a terrorist needed all the ammo they had.

    I would not be surprised to see a push for taxing/monitoring/limiting the purchase of ammo and reloading componets.

    I hope I'm wrong. These two terrorists will do no more harm but we still have a few more in Washington that are out to get us.

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    I have seen this joke all over bookface this week. Honestly, I think it is in poor taste and makes us look bad.

    Just sayin'.
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    I would hazard the not today...but given the imbeciles in office we are stuck the near future you might have to Show ID and fill out a form...

    Back IDK maybe 30 years ago one had to sign a book (Bound Book of sorts) for 22 ammo as it worked in rifles AND Pistols. I was a young man at the time. Filling out the form made me feel dirty like I'd done something wrong. I hadn't but just the same I somehow felt as thou I had been targeted. I did NOT like it at all.

    It's just gonna get worse from here on out.
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    Dang, and I was gonna buy 7 pressure cookers to give as Christmas presents...... Oh well, back to thinking of a new gift........
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    I guess it's a good thing they didn't use diesel fuel. I can just see it now. Having to go through a background check every time I fill up my truck.
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    I've been looking for a pressure cooker all week and haven't found a single one on the shelves...

    I picked the entirely wrong week to decide to start getting started in canning.
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    I wonder if Di-Fi with introduce a bill requiring background checks and a 3 day waiting period to buy a pressure cooker. She is such a flake, it wouldn't surprise me in the least! Oh, and a limit on it's capacity as well! We don't want any high-capacity pressure cookers to fall into the hands of terrorists! Nobody "needs" a high capacity pressure cooker! If you are just an honest home canner, you can get by with a low capacity pressure cooker and do your canning in small batches. No one "needs" a high capacity pressure cooker!
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    Yes, one will need to demonstrate a legitimate cooking NEED, pass a background check, and then can only buy a 1 quart size (and then only 1 per month). It's common sense...and for the children.
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    Don't worry, liberals won't try to ban anything contributing to this crims; the perpetrators were Islamic jihadists.
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    I wonder if you can take your pressure cooker across state lines in the car. I was going to take mine on a trip and I don't want to get in trouble. Maybe I should just leave it at home and take my 2.5 inch can opener instead. /SHEEPLE OFF
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