First Gun For Dad (.22)

First Gun For Dad (.22)

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Thread: First Gun For Dad (.22)

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    First Gun For Dad (.22)

    My father, who is not an anti nor a gun owner texted me today to tell me he is going to a gun show in MD next weekend and is interested in a .22 either pistol or rifle for fun. A brief background, he shot .22s as a kid back in the 1950s and I guess he's nostalgic about it. With the upcoming MD gun control laws going into effect, I think it spurred him into action. He's in his early 60s, good health, basically normal common sense kind of man, nothing super frivolously complicated like people like me (us) tend to like, he probably won't want to spend much more than $200 or so I'm guessing.

    What are good options here? I'm not super fluent on the final version of the new gun control act that passed in MD, but I know he would prefer something that would not be effected by it ideally. My first thoughts are a 10/22 or some kind of a DA/SA revolver. Thanks in advance.

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    Marlin 795 was $150 before things got out of hand. I like it just fine, yeah the 10/22 has a metric assload of aftermarket parts, but if he has no intention of modding it save some money and go for the marlin.

    Taurus pt-22 is cheap, but mine is way picky on ammo. Basically the only reliable feeder I have found for it is CCI mini-mags.
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    If he's a fan of western style rigs take a look at the ruger single six. If he's more of an automatic type guy the Ruger MKIII is hard to beat. The MK series has been around forever and has a reputation for tack driving accuracy. Both of these are proven classics that won't let him down. As far as rifles go, the 10/22 is a warhorse but I personally have a thing for bolt guns. My personal favorites are the Savage model 93 series or the Marlin XT series. Both very accurate rifles for little coin.
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    I just can't not recomment the Ruger 10/22. Awesome rifle. And can be had for around $200.00
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    If I was in the market for a .22 rifle, it would be the 10/22 hands down. As far as handguns go, Ruger gets the nod here as well. I love my Single Six and have shot many MK-'s and 22/45's. They are a ton of fun and will shoot most anything you feed them. Another that gets an "honorable mention" from me is the S&W MP22. A friend has one and it is really nice too.

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    Ruger 10/22 its a great rifle

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    Walther PPK/S .22LR $425 - $470

    Ruger SR22 for about $350 - $400

    Henry Golden Boy $440 - $540
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    Another option is a Marlin model 60. I have two model 60's and two 10/22's, and the the 60's are a bit more accurate, and a few bucks cheaper for the base model (170-ish?). Personally I think the Marlin 60 has a better balance and is more "pointable" than the 10/22, but that is entirely subjective. You father may want to hold both. Note the Model 60 is tube fed and the 10/22 has a removable mag.

    There are two drawbacks to the Marlin model 60's - 1) they can be a bit picky on ejecting spent brass if the ejector wire is misaligned (an easy fix that takes about 10 seconds); and 2) they tend to "dirty up" more than a 10/22. Whether by design or by happenstance, I have found the 10/22's tend to "blow out" some of the residue around the trigger group and the magazine. My10/22's can go a long time between cleanings (more than I let them, in fact), but my Marlin start to get picky after about 600 rounds or so.

    If your father wants a semi-auto, but isn't the kind of guy that is going to religiously clean his rifle, then hands down I would go with the 10/22.
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    I love my Marlin Model 60. Also, have really enjoyed my brother's Browning Buckmark the few times I've had a chance to fire it.
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