Carry permit for private sales....

Carry permit for private sales....

This is a discussion on Carry permit for private sales.... within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I occasionally peruse Armslist for anything interesting and just to see what is out their, and one thing I always see is sellers requiring a ...

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Thread: Carry permit for private sales....

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    Carry permit for private sales....

    I occasionally peruse Armslist for anything interesting and just to see what is out their, and one thing I always see is sellers requiring a carry permit in order to sell you their gun. I compleyely understand why they do this, but I think it is a bit silly for several reasons. One, just because someone has a carry permit in their possession does not mean they are legally able to own a firearm. Here in indiana, if your do something to lose your license, your are required to mail it in to the state. They dont come and get it from you, so its not a good indicator of legal ability to own firearms.
    Second, my personal opinion says its not fair to deny someone the oppurtunity to purchase something by adding restrictions that the state does not require already. Just my own belief. I have sold on armslist several times, and my solution has been to have a signed document stating the buyer indicates their legal ability to olwn a fiream and that they assume all liability for such, this is legal in Indiana.

    What are everyones thoughts?
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    I do it both ways. If the person shows me a valid VA carry permit and picture ID (VA permits do not have picture), I'll sell it on that. If they don't have a VA permit, I require a VA Picture ID to prove residency and bill of sale.
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    I do I.d. and require name and address before meeting so I can check WI circuit court for felonies. Yeah they may be a felon somewhere else, but I don't have access to ccap. I feel I am doing everything I reasonably can to check someone's background.
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    I've sold a couple firearms over the years,thru a local sales paper.I type up a bill of sale.If they don't have a valid driver's license,or ccp,then i don't sell it.It may be a waste of time,but,i still do.If they dont want to sign the bill of sale,along with me also,that's their choice,as it is mine not to sell it to them.The last three,i sold,no one had a problem,buying it from me.
    That said,people have to do what they think is best for them.
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    Good thoughts here...I'll have to give this one more thoughts if in case in the future I decide to sell any of my guns through private sale. I see both sides of the tracks...gotta have I.D. and a bill of sale. But I think I might want a CHL plus a look through some sort of Ohio court of felonies (wonder if we have something like this?. the end of the day...gotta cyb (cover your backside).
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    That's what my brother did,a couple of weeks ago,when he sold a rifle.He typed up a bill of sale..

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    Never sell any guns and it isn't an issue.
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    I've never bought or sold to strangers. Just my policy.

    I generally don't sell guns once I've acquired it. I have sold only two guns. Both have been to close friends.

    I don't mind buying from online sites like But of course, they are shipped to my FFL and all regular paperwork has been done on those transactions.

    I've just never had a need to go any other route to sell or acquire the guns I own.
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