Light gun cleaning.......

Light gun cleaning.......

This is a discussion on Light gun cleaning....... within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; How often do you guys deep clean your gun, and whats the minimum cleaning you guys do after every shooting session? With my glocks, I ...

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Thread: Light gun cleaning.......

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    Light gun cleaning.......

    How often do you guys deep clean your gun, and whats the minimum cleaning you guys do after every shooting session? With my glocks, I only ever take take every single piece apart about every 1000-2000 rounds (deep clean of every part, including mags). Most often though (my minimum cleaning), I just run a bore snake through, wipe down and wipe off old frog lube, and then apply more, also wipe around firing pin. My minimum cleaning never includes taking the slide or receiver apart. is this ten minutes of work after every shooting session enough, or do most of you do more?

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    Sounds pretty close to my routine. Sometimes I take my guns apart now to clean them just for old times sake since I've not been to the range since the supply of 9mm has dried up.

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    I clean my guns every time I shoot, even just one round. Otherwise I'll clean em once a week or when I get bored, whichever comes first.

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    Take apart also use frog lube I enjoy cleaning almost as much as shooting them.
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    I'll clean after any trip to the range. It's either my OCD, or addiction to the smell of Hoppes (in my defense I haven't bought the air fresheners yet).

    I have a stainless revolver and I can't stand the carbon rings so I make sure to give it a nice scrub every time. I find cleaning quite relaxing. I typically just watch something and scrub away.

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    I clean my gun after every range visit. I'm not OCD but I believe a Cary gun needs to be at its top functional shale every day. Being caked with powder residue and grimy when mixed with gun oil can't be good.

    I like you, OP, just field strip after each session and get rid of the worst of it. Thorough cleaning after 1000 rounds sounds about right though.

    I know several seasoned shooters say only clean after 500 rounds. I'm more comfortable with after each trip to the range. It's a comfort factor.

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    I field strip after every couple range strips. I have never detail stripped my HKs, and I believe doing so actually voids the warranty.
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    I have gotten into the sonic cleaners, seems like they clean everything on a firearm. I can't believe how much better they clean.

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    I do almost a full break down every time. With my 1022 it ends up being a complete break down because somehow the springs always come shooting out of the trigger mechanism lol. Oh well I don't mind spending 40 minutes trying to put it back together because I love my guns. But anyway yeah, I'm pretty detail oriented when it comes to them. Right down to my pipe cleaners and queue-tips.

    If I don't shoot them though, I wipe down and re-oil my carry guns once a month. I open up the gun cabinet and break everything in there down once every two months. Like everything else in life, preventative measures make them last forever.

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    Ye gods!

    My gun care is far from apathetic, but the more I shoot competitively the less I clean my guns. It is almost axiomatic among handgun competitors that a squeaky-clean gun is an invitation to a DNF. Translated into "street-level" reliability, the simple acts of taking apart a moderately complex machine, cleaning it, and reassembling it, is an invitation for at least one step in the process to go wrong and leave you with a nonfunctioning weapon.

    I shoot a club-level steel match several times a month with a carry gun (Springfield TRP). I take the slide off for a wipe-down of internals maybe every 1000-2000 rounds. In between, I wipe the gun down after a match and I keep it lubed. Ditto the Kahr CW9, the other (current) favored carry gun - it's kept lubed but rarely detail-stripped and cleaned. The works simply don't warrant that level of attention.

    About the only guns that get more than a cursory wipedown after each use are the rare, or high-dollar, or infrequently-used ones - the Garand, for one (mostly out of respect), and the centerfire hunting guns - the Beretta O/U and the deer rifles. The ARs get bore-snaked after each use, and re-lubed, and that's about it until I see more crud building up than I like.

    Bottom line is that modern firearms don't need the white-glove cleanliness that some folks think they do, AND - if you don't do a test fire after stripping and reassembling your gun, what assures you it's going to fire when you need it? Ponder that notion. I'll take my slightly smudgy and sooty guns which just hammered 125 rounds in a match over the pristine-clean guns which were reassembled but not function fired.
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    Bore snake, wipe down. All except the mosin which I fire corrosives through, that gets the whiteglove.

    And +1 on the function fire after a detail strip on a carry gun. The one time I detail stripped my glock, I did it at my range (private, nice place) and fired a round after on my way out.
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    I'm with Gasmitty. I may do a wipe down if I had heavy day, 400-500 rounds. But as to a major "deep clean", generally after about 2,000 rounds.
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    I clean mine after every time I shoot. Otherwise I lube it every couple weeks.
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    I pretty much do the same as some of the others.I clean mine about every 1000 rds,give or take.If i use something like Wolf, or, Tul ammo,i clean it that day

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    We're supposed to clean our Glocks
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