Blems on new *carry* guns - do you care?

Blems on new *carry* guns - do you care?

This is a discussion on Blems on new *carry* guns - do you care? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; On another manufacturer specific forum I've read two similar posts in two days. "My new gun has a blemish". One was a small, and I ...

View Poll Results: Would you care about small blem that *doesn't* affect fit/function/reliably/accuracy?

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  • YES, I'm paying good money for a NEW gun. Working gun or not.

    52 38.52%
  • Nope, it's gonna work for a living. A little spot is nothing compared to what I'm gonna do to it.

    75 55.56%
  • Yes, but only for non working guns.

    5 3.70%
  • I abuse all my guns!

    3 2.22%
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Thread: Blems on new *carry* guns - do you care?

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    Blems on new *carry* guns - do you care?

    On another manufacturer specific forum I've read two similar posts in two days.
    "My new gun has a blemish". One was a small, and I mean small dark spot on the frame near a roll pin and the other was light machining marks on the top of the barrel/chamber at the ejection port. (I have the same machining marks on mine)

    Now, both of these were carry guns; not 1911s or range toys.

    Would you care? Both examples people were saying send it back to the manufacturer.

    To me there are three reasons to own a gun... A gun that you will be putting to work, a toy and an collection (investment).
    I can see where mint condition would matter in two latter, but a carry gun is gonna get wear anyway.

    What say you?
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    I rarely let other people tell me what to do on judgement calls.

    Like the vehicles that I drive, I expect my tools to show a little wear. I was actually grateful when somebody slammed a shopping cart into the side of my Expedition, the first week that I owned it - I didn't have to worry about scratches after that.
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    Don't care. I got a pristine M&P 40c.

    I painted in the logos on the slide. I noticed the takedown lever and slide release were getting a little scratched/dinged so I took the finish off with a dremmel, now they're a brushed matte finish, really slick. I didn't like the trigger guard so I undercut that. When putting the night sights on, I banged them up pretty good, don't care.

    My gun looks used, because it is. Its had over 600 rounds through it and since I've had it its had exactly 0 failures. I trust my life to this gun.

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    I'll put my own marks on it.

    If I wanted a gun with someone else's marks on it, I'd buy a used gun.

    I've looked at several new guns that I didn't buy because they had markings on them and the LGS was unwilling to sell me the gun at anything less than they would charge for a new pristine condition gun. I usually give them my business card and tell them that I'd love to give them my business and to call me if they change their mind and are willing to negotiate a more appropriate price for a gun with these physical flaws and to please call me if they get another one in that does not have these physical flaws.

    On a couple of occasions, I have gotten calls and they were either willing to negotiate or had gotten a new one in. If I've already bought the gun, I let them know that they were too late and that I had made the purchase elsewhere. I make sure to thank them for the call and to tell them that I hope we are able to do business the next time I stop in.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WHEC724 View Post
    I rarely let other people tell me what to do on judgement calls.

    Like the vehicles that I drive, I expect my tools to show a little wear. I was actually grateful when somebody slammed a shopping cart into the side of my Expedition, the first week that I owned it - I didn't have to worry about scratches after that.
    You would have loved the hail storm that polka-dotted mine last July.
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    In a carry gun, as long as it works right I do not care what it looks like. It is going to get used a lot so its going to have some where marks on it.
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    I wouldnt buy a new car with a dent or scr4atch in it, why would I buy a new gun with blemishes? If it was used, not a big deal. New, not acceptable, unless their is a compensatory price reduction.
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    It depends on the purpose of why I got the gun. If it's a showpiece/safe queen, then I'll probably care about blemishes on the gun. At least the exterior.

    All of my guns are for carrying or plinking, so I fully expect them to be worn and look like they've been used, so I wouldn't care as much if they weren't looking pristine out of the box (within reason, at least).

    I will say that when I got my nice, new, shiny, Colt Commander, I hesitated whether or not I'd actually carry it every day because I didn't want to ruin its beauty. Now, I'd say that it has more character.
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    It all depends on how bad the blemish is and wether or not it is a structural issue.

    If I have a choice I'll pick the one with no blemish and I would like a reduced price but in the end all of my guns are used for concealed carry. They are working guns. They are tools. And I expect them to get messed up cosmetically.
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    Blems on new guns can get you a discount.

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    Blemish, no. Defect yes.

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    I said yes, I am paying good money. But, that is just a general, if I'm paying for it, I want it perfect. Now if they offered a discount because of a cosmetic blemish, I would jump at the chance to pick up a good weapon on the cheap because it might not look quite right as long as is didnt' affect function.
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    If i'm buying a NEW gun, I'd want it to be perfect. (Want and demand are two different things.)
    If I'm buying a NEW gun that's a discounted blemish model (some manufacturer sell blemished), then obviously I'd be ok with it.
    Used is used.

    If I'm paying for new, I want it that way. If I'm paying for less than perfect, then I've accepted that.
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    If I'm paying for a new gun, then it should be new and unused, sure. For it to be claimed as such but the example that's being presented instead is different, that's tantamount to bait-and-switch. It's the seller's responsibility to deliver what I'm buying, but it's my responsibility to determine if variations on that is worth it to me.

    On most any other purchase, I'm willing to accept certain minor "blems" in forms, features, finish, so long as it doesn't impact the utility and suitability to purpose. On a defensive firearm, a minor mark or two on the finish isn't going to hurt, so long as it isn't going to lead to degradation issues in the near future. On any heavily-used defensive weapon, one that I'm training with frequently, I'm perfectly aware of the likelihood that at some point I will need to consider a refinish. And so, I can accept some blems, on most things.
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    Yes I would care.

    I'm paying hard earned bucks on ah NEW FIREARM, not LIKE NEW. If I noticed something I could live with I'd point it out and maybe get ah little discount. If not then I'd have to decide if it is worth paying full price for ah like new looking new firearm, or not. I've heard sales folks tell potential customers to; please handle that with care, because if you blemish it you bought it!

    On that subject . . . I was at ah show last weekend and one of the ammo booths had ah sign that read: "if you open a box you buy it!" He didn't want people opening Rem boxes because they use ah dab ah glue to keep the boxes from prematurely opening and he didn't want others getting torn, ripped, or dog-ear damaged. I for one always open what-ever box of ammo I'm buying for ah look see. If for no other reason then to makes sure it`s all there because someone before me might have dropped ah round on the floor < next time your in Bass, Cabela`s, or Gander check the floor, chances are you'll see ah vagrant round or three on the floor > and they couldn't bother to bend over and pick it up too return it to its box, and to make sure what`s labeled on the box, is in the box. Because maybe someone checking out and comparing different rounds didn't return them all back into its proper box!

    think of this:
    If you put that said NIB blemished firearm into your safe, and you never take it out, till say . . . 1.75-yrs later, because you decide you want to sell it because it`s taking up valuable real-estate, or want to trade it in for something else, the first thing that whom ever is looking at it will be noticing is that pimple on your firearm. Good-Luck convincing someone it was there when you bought it NIB, then Good-Luck getting even what you paid for it!

    If ah manufacturer`s QC is letting blemished products out onto the shelves without red-tagging um, then they need to step it up and do ah better job. If they do red-tag it and the management sends it out anyways, they need`s to rethink their standards. Because if they are letting noticeable blemishes out, them what other plausible quality issues are they over looking too? Do auto manufacturers let new cars out into the market place with scratches, dings, and dents on the body? Or with punchers or cuts in the upholstery? Do new car dealers have new cars on their lots like that? Would you buy an brand new car in that condition for MSRP?

    I would regard ah blemish on ah firearm like an uneven seam on ah pair of dress pants. Would you buy ah pair of dress pants with ah seam way out of alinement? I would regard both as an irregular product. When you do buy irregular`s you get ah hefty discount.

    Here`s another food for thought; ask yourself . . . self . . . if you were shopping for ah shirt at WW would you by one with ah stain on the front? Or would you buy one without ah stain on the front?

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