I just received a model 25a from my stepdad to hold onto while they are moving. While it is in my possession I would like to clean it up for him as a surprise, it has some surface rust on the barrel which I cleaned with 000 steel wool and some rags with oils and flits, it looks a lot better but some of the bluing wore off but still looks a 100 percent better than rust. I was thinking about rebluing it but don't think I will. I cleaned the bore and bolt area, along with taking the bolt apart and polishing it all up. the stock I was going to just rub down with some truoil I think it is called and that's all.
well now to my question sorry for all the build up but just wanted to let you all know what ive been doing. the rear sights are missing the aperture and I have been looking all over online to find one but cant seem to find it. Does anyone know where I should look? also how does the sight work im not to familiar with that type, I mean I do know how to raise and lower the rear sight and move it left and right for windage but what about the thing on there that has all the dash lines sorry I don't know what the lines are called, but what are they supposed to line up to? and in front of the peep sight there is a notch on the barrel that looks like it would be for iron sights is that so am I missing mine? and one last question is my front sight supposed to have a hood over it, I saw some pictures of riffles that I think were the same model that had one plus there is little groves on the side of the front sight ramp that look like it went there. I know im asking a lot and probable confused a lot of you but if I could just even get one of these questioned answered I would be very grateful, I really want to make this riffle look nice for him he does a lot for me and it would be the least I could do for him.