Haven't snapped a pic yet but tonite I picked up one of those Umarex licensed HK USP airsoft guns. I had to stop by Wally World to pick up some contact solution and I couldn't resist! For those who haven't looked at them, the gun outwardly looks very much like a real USP aside from the orange tip. The safety actually works and it has roughly the feel and weight of the USP. It even fits nicely into the plastic hard case that my oldest USP came with.

So far I just fired one mag but it's a blast! It's a CO2 gun but it's powerful enough to shoot thru a one side of a cardboard box. The trigger is very heavy, similar to the DA pull of the real gun...but a little smoother than an HK! JK, guys, don't shoot! I only put 16 thru it but I ran the airsoft gun to run out the CO2 cart to see how long it would go, and it had pretty good pop up to about the 60th pull of the trigger.

Why am I posting this at DC? Well, I have two new holsters inbound from Garrett, one IWB and an STX 2.0 OWB. I'm pretty sure the Umarex airsoft will fit right in the holster for the real gun. My thinking is that, since it's the same size and feel and the manual safety actually works that it would be a good training aid. I want to practice the draw, safety swipe first shot at home in my basement. Obviously it won't replace live fire and there's no recoil, but it should help me practice my draw as well as quick sight alignment.

All in all it's a pretty cool little "toy". I kind of wish I could find an electric version that was an accurate copy just to save the cost of carts but at $8 for 15 (and about 60 rounds per cart) it's still pretty cheap!