Keeping track of round count

Keeping track of round count

This is a discussion on Keeping track of round count within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I've noticed a lot of you know the exact number of rounds you've fired through a particular weapon in your arsenal, even if that number ...

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Thread: Keeping track of round count

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    Keeping track of round count

    I've noticed a lot of you know the exact number of rounds you've fired through a particular weapon in your arsenal, even if that number is in the thousands. I was curious how everyone keeps track of these round counts. Just a shooting journal or something along those lines?
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    I actually use a simple spreadsheet on the computer that I fill in after time at the range. The record keeping helps in anticipating the need for spring changes in pistols and, when I sell a gun, it is nice to be able to tell a buyer what has been through the gun. I also include notes on how various loads shoot/function in each gun for future reference.
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    Personally, I keep a log. Simple pocket sized spiral note pad from the dollar store. One for each weapon. If at some future date I want to sell the weapon, I have a log showing the shooting history. I also log quick cleaning and full cleanings.

    Its easy for me though, I only take one gun of each caliber to the range at a time most of the trips. I keep the empty boxes and count the empties when I get home. Then I note in the log date and round count (modulus 50rd boxes).

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    I couldn't tell you, but I often suspect a lot of that stuff is really just a best guess.
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    I started off keeping a log, but that went out the window real quick.

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    I keep a log, but only started that recently. I think part of it was wanting to calculate, or at least observe the propensity of my carry guns to fail or have issue. I do like the idea of counting for potential spring change issues though I would prefer to be able to "feel" the need for a new one.

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    I don't keep track. I'm an accountant by day, and the last thing I need is to turn my hobby/passion into work. If I see another Excel spreadsheet today, I will
    just have to go run out and jump in front of a bus.
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    I doubt anyone has an exact count. But most folks I know that keep up with round count keep a log. I also log bullet performance with different loads. I started doing this as a hand loading log.
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    I average. I usullay only shoot 100rds per session and I usually only have time to go to the range 1 a month. Average how long I have own my gun and there is your answer. The problem is, I forgot when I bought my EDC.

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    When my M&P 9 was new, I kept track of the first 800 rounds by keeping the boxes and writing how many rounds fired on the box top. After 800 rounds of no issues, I stopped keeping track as I figured it was 'good to go'. Never did keep track of .38/.357 rounds. Figured no point if shooting a revolver, as far as reliability goes.
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    On guns where it matters I just keep a general educated guess going based on how often I go and how many rounds I normally shoot. It just gives me a ballpark. When I feel like I am getting near or could be getting near a spring change I usually just change the spring. Spring changes give me another reason to go shoot too, an added bonus.
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    On the primmer box inside lid I put the number that box is #20 would be 20 thousand rounds when it is finished and so on.
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    I track around the first five hundred rounds through a carry pistol candidate and around one hundred for a carry revolver candidate. After that, it is just a SWAG. I have multiple carry guns and if one acts up, I switch to another one and repair the one with issues.
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    I keep a spreadsheet log on an iPad and update it after every range session. I keep track of firearm by caliber and rounds by ammo brand/type. I also record the number of rounds I shoot myself, my wife, or guest.

    I set up a data entry page, then have a summary page that reads the input and calculates totals by weapon and caliber, as well a totals rounds by caliber by individual. I recently set up a summary that shows me the rounds shot each month by caliber to help me estimate my purchase goals (this has really been thrown off since the beginning of the year).

    I don't claim perfect counts, but they are
    pretty close. I know this kind of record keeping is not for everyone, but I find it useful for myself.

    By the way, one thing I haven't kept track of is the number of dry firings on each firearm. I'm too far down the path for meaningful numbers even if I started tracking this now, so I probably won't bother with it.

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    I use an app called ColorNote on my phone. I have one note in list mode that I use to track round counts on each of my handguns. I always update them when I am done at the range.
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