'Smart Rifle' Turns Amatuers into Elite Marksmen

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Thread: 'Smart Rifle' Turns Amatuers into Elite Marksmen

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    'Smart Rifle' Turns Amatuers into Elite Marksmen

    From the NPR article: A New 'Smart Rifle' Decides When To Shoot And Rarely Misses

    Here's the video:

    Some may call this "cheating" in the shooting world, but it is interesting to see technology at work. Yours for the low price of a cool $22,500.

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    The more gadgets that they add, the more I like iron sights.
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    i dont need to spend 22grand on a optic, id rather buy a machine gun.
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    I could see it for military/police applications in specialized roles. But for me, it would take the sport out of the sport.
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    These are right up DOD's alley............. Cost wise that is.......
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    Great for military and law enforcement, but not really for the 'average' person. I don't really need a weapon that can take someone out at 1,000 yards. Cool technology, but I'll stick with my EDC, and rifle's for home defense.
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    But does it interface with your IPad, IPod or IPhone?? Me, I will just stick with an M-1911, AR-15 or M-1 Garand, they may be 100+ years old technology but they have reliably been protecting peoples lives and there is no need to carry extra batteries or worry if the ones in use have sufficient charge.
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    Apparently we can make the gun smarter but haven't had much success with the shooter. Yah this is a dig at our educational system. If the mind is the most dangerous weapon why teach it to rely on all these high tech crutches? Don't get me wrong I think its cool stuff but primative can kill you just as dead as high tech. Take the weapon away and who is more dangerous: the man who trained his mind to kill with that weapon or the man who has trained his mind to kill period?
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    Don't like it. obvious reasons :)

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    Even more Elk crippled by New York commodity traders.
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