My Response to a Gun Grabber

My Response to a Gun Grabber

This is a discussion on My Response to a Gun Grabber within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; This is my response to Mr. John Sonderegger of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch with a link to his article. It probably won't do any good, ...

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Thread: My Response to a Gun Grabber

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    My Response to a Gun Grabber

    This is my response to Mr. John Sonderegger of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch with a link to his article. It probably won't do any good, but it gets it off my chest.

    I'm usually in agreement with you on a lot of things you write, but am going to have to disagree with you on your position with firearms. Firearms are just a tool, like fire extinguishers, wrenches, seatbelts, etc., they are not the problem. It goes deeper than that John, parenting and supervision of one's kids. I take my kids shooting at the Busch Wildlife firing range and teach them to respect firearms and how to shoot them so that they are not a curiosity. Kids kill each other daily with automobiles, but I don't hear anyone saying we should ban automobiles. Look at Great Britain. They have draconian gun laws and now people are stabbing the heck out of each other. They are even starting knife turn-ins, just like guns. It's the culture, the society. Look what happened in New Orleans when the law abiding citizens were stripped of the only means avaiable to protect themselves with - all heck broke lose. John, handgun control and firearm control have not solved the crime problems in the U.K. or Australia. It just doesn't work and the facts spell it out. I agree with you on the porn and the violent games, but I think you must have been drinking some of Sylvester's liberal kool-aid when you starting attacking the guns. If someone broke into your house John, would you not want the one thing available to you that the constitution provides for you to defend yourself and your family? The police cannot protect you - they can just call the coroner and try to solve your murder. For me, the end result may be my murder, but I'm going to try my best to get the criminal to go down with me. I'm not a Rambo gun nut, but I do take responsibility for my actions and for the protection of my family. We've relied too long on the government to come save us from this and that. The government cannot save you John. It's up to each and every one of us to live right and to protect our families. And as long as there is a 2nd amendment to the constitution of the United States, I'm going to exercise my constitutional rights. Think about it - the police do not have a fiduciary duty to protect you, me, or anyone else and it has been proven in court.

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    Having read a few of this guy's articles, I would agree strongly that it probably won't do any good.

    A polite letter like yours won't do any harm, but getting someone at the post/disgrace to acknowledge a possible benefit to firearm ownership is asking a lot.
    Liberty is an inherently offensive lifestyle. Living in a free society guarantees that each one of us will see our most cherished principles and beliefs questioned and in some cases mocked. It's worth it.

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    you said it all. I couldn't agree more

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    Yeah let's have the US Government ban video games, guns, porn, alcohol, cigarettes, fattening food, toilet paper, farting, gay marriage, religion, cheese, long distance phone calls, and everything else! Let's make them waste our taxpayers dollars even more by sitting in Senate debating this crap for two years.

    Let's do it.

    Why not have John get his head out of his and start self policing. Judging from his photo he is not doing a good job self policing in the food department. Hell, heart disease kills more people than kids with guns.

    John if the people (both mom AND dad) of the USA weren't working two jobs to afford the overpriced house, the food, and the medication they need then they could start giving a crap about their kids. They wouldn't have to worry about kids getting into stuff like this. It looks like you fit into the norm. Both mom AND dad work. Where is the time for your kids. Do you know what they are doing now? I doubt it.

    Oh yeah, the reason why the people of the USA are working two jobs is simple. It is because all of the jobs went to Mexico and China. Many of the corporations in the US are now claiming bankruptcy to avoid paying retirement pensions. Healthcare costs are climbing. North Korea AND Iran have nuclear weapons. Oh yeah John, did I mention that THESE are real problems and that the government doesn't have time to police every person in the US with passing laws about video games. NEWS FLASH: THE PRESIDENT IS BUSY WITH REAL PROBLEMS!

    Most of the problems today are with the news. They glorify this crap and should start self policing themselves.

    He said, "But I come from a time when the most violent shows on television were "Dragnet" and "Perry Mason," and Ozzie and Harriet didn't sleep in the same bed." Who cares? I don't. The news is the problem. He is the problem. He is glorifying the situation and right now some kid is reading his stupid webpage and thinking, "Man that would be cool, so that is what get's me attention."

    John, you need to take a good long look in the mirror and remember where you live. This is America pal and we are all FREE to do as we wish. You are free to leave, don't let the door hit you when you leave either. Why don't you go to China. They have all the censorship you are talking about.

    Until then you are number one in my book. :hand7:

    Oh yeah, I have the freedom to do that and it feels good.
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