I went and took my CHL certificate that i got online into my local sherriffs office today and filled out paper work, got finger prints taken and got picture taken. they said they're about a month out so it'll be within a month i'm pretty excited i've been putting it off since turning 21 last december!

so my questions are- what dates did you guys/girls get told you would be getting your CHL? and did it come in sooner or later than they estimated?
they also told me it would be coming by mail so ill be checking it every day until i get it haha.

my other question is i'm going to be carrying my G23 gen 3 all stock, IWB either at the 12 o clock or about 3 o clock position. what holsters do you guys use for IWB and for what gun? if you can pictures would help me out also. i am about 5'8 and 140lbs so i'm a small guy and am worried my gun will print alot when wearing just a t-shirt, i do wear a little bit bigger shirts and pants so that will kinda help.. thanks for help and advice to a fellow 2nd amendment brother!