Do you scope all of your .22 rifles?

Do you scope all of your .22 rifles?

This is a discussion on Do you scope all of your .22 rifles? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; My first rifle, a Browning BLR-22 still sits in my safe without a scope. During my younger years I had not interest in scopes thinking ...

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Thread: Do you scope all of your .22 rifles?

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    Do you scope all of your .22 rifles?

    My first rifle, a Browning BLR-22 still sits in my safe without a scope. During my younger years I had not interest in scopes thinking that they were no necessary for .22's and introduced another point of potential failure. I assume that this is largely a function of the are where I grew up shooting. When hitting the back acreage, we normally shot at distances 25 yards and less at stationary targets.

    Recently, my thoughts on the topic have changed a bit. A scope, even of moderate magnification, can really increase your hit potential for small game, and if the ranges are extended. I'm now thinking that each of my .22's ought to be wearing a scope. This decision is even easier now that I've found Warne QD rings for 11mm and 3/8" rails so I can easily move back to Irons for a shooting session. Right now I'm planning on mounting 4x scopes.

    Do you scope all of your rimfire rifles? Look forward to hearing your thoughts!

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    No, my Henry doesn't and won't have a scope. That is what my .17 HMR is for.

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    Nope. Best tool in the world for teaching someone how to shoot is a .22 rifle with iron sights.
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    Nope, golden boy is just fine out of the box

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    My Henry H-OO1 does not have a scope, it doesn't feel right IMHO. My S&W MP-15-22 is set up with with Magpul irons just like my S&W MP-15 so that it is a good AR trainer. My Savage .17 HMR does have a Nikon 3x9x40 due to its intended purpose (groundhogs out to about 150 yards).
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    My first firearm was a ruger 10/22 with a cheap ninety dollar Simmons on a see thru mount that allowed use of the iron sights. It was the most fun I've ever had with a firearm, it wasn't uncommon for me to go through 2 550 round bricks in a day...

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    My Ruger 10/22 does not. Always used it squirrel hunting when I was a kid, found it easier to line up the sights then searching for a fast moving target through a scope. However, my grandfather handed down an old .22 lever action to me (not even sure what it is exactly) and I left the scope on it that it came with. I've used both to hunt small game, but prefer iron sights.
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    Don't have a .22 rifle, but I do have a Henry .22 mag with a Leopold scope.
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    Most but not all my rimfire rifles wear scopes. Two of the five 10/22s have irons, but one of them has Garand-like Tech sights, and one is dead stock.

    And of course the 1890 Winchester isn't scoped.
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    Mixed , some are , others are not. Depending on the application a magnified optic can be useful or slow you down.
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    My Weatherby XXII sports a fine scope that came with the rifle and it's a tack driver so it is staying on. My Remington Nylon 66 has a vintage (rare) Thompson Center INSTA-SIGHT on it...not really a "scope" but one of the first "light gathering optics with an illuminated reticule" and I love it so it stays on.
    All of my other .22s are Iron Sights.
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    HAVE to scope! A highly modified Ruger 10/22 with no iron sights kind of forces the issue!
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    I used to think scopes on a 22 were a waste. Iron sights were the only way to go. Heck, I used to think most rifle shots below 500 yds were fine only using iron sights. After trying to engage a bobcat in the dark one night that was attacking a dog, I now have scopes on a majority of the 22 rifles (and I threw away the 25 year old flashlight my wife grabbed so she would get the good one next time).

    I also have trouble seeing a target at 500 yds around a set of iron sights now, so I'd say age and eyesight plays a large factor in your decision.

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    One wears a Simmons Whitetail Classic 2.5-8X36 and another wears a cheap Powerline 3-9X32. I don't see the need to scope the others, it would be expensive too.
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    "Most" of my 22s wear scopes. As my eyes age its just easier to see through a scope. Thos that aren't scoped have peep or tang sights. They are just easier to see through. DR

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