More guns than I have seen in a long time

More guns than I have seen in a long time

This is a discussion on More guns than I have seen in a long time within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Today had some time to kill and ended up at Bass Pro. While looking over the ammo shelves, there was a little more handgun ammo ...

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Thread: More guns than I have seen in a long time

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    More guns than I have seen in a long time

    Today had some time to kill and ended up at Bass Pro. While looking over the ammo shelves, there was a little more handgun ammo on the shelves. Had a bunch of 38, 40, 357 Sig and 44 mag. No 380, 357, 45, 22 and 9mm.

    Walked over to the handgun cases and it was about full. If they had 6 shelves, 5 of them were full of guns. Took a look at the rifles and shotguns and there was not an empty spot. A couple weeks ago they did not have any were close to that many guns in stock.

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    Big stores here are still dry. Pawn shops have the best inventory, but no ammo.

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    Good for you.

    At my Bass Pro, which is approximately 3.3 miles from El Rancho Stoveo, the gun cases had a total of six guns in them this past weekend. Zero popular handgun caliber ammunition, which is the way it has been for months.

    I have not bought any ammunition from BP this year.

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    A good number of larger and smaller stores, in my area (a major metro) are stuffed to the gills. Way better than it has been, the last couple of months. Nobody has ammo, for the most part, but it's improving. At a number of places, one could walk out with a dozen AR-15's or a dozen different handguns, easily. There are that many on the shelves. Now and then, I still see a shop that's been effectively cleaned out, but they keep getting improving shipments.

    Lots of stores around here like Bass Pro, Cabela's and similar.
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    I am definitely starting to see more guns at the stores. Still not like old times but see at least 3 out of 6 shelves full.

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    Yeah that's my experience too. My lgs's and even Gander and Sheels are stuffed full of firearms again. Just like nothing happened. Now ammo.. that's still hit or miss, but if one is willing to drive around at the right times on the right days you can get at least a couple of boxes of anything you need.

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    My LGS at school is running discounts on ARs, trying to get them out the door since he has more than he knows what to do with now.

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    Inventories appear to be catching up on a local/regional basis. I am seeing more rifles, handguns, and ammo.
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    My LGS actually had a sale on some guns a couple weeks ago because they had so much extra stock. Unfortunately, it wasn't anything I am in the market for.
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    Couple of weeks backs just for grins and giggles I decided to take a run up to Mackey’s Landing Firearms. They are billed as one of the largest gun shops on the east coast and they are not bragging, looking to the left there had to be at least 2000 shotguns and to the right as many or more rifle. I did not count the showcases but there were at least enough handguns to fill up a 10 wheeler but I did not find a Webley revolver. While the selection of firearms was fantastic the ammo and reloading supplies was a bit sparse.

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    As long as Obama and his minions keep us in suspence it will be a roller coaster ride with guns and ammo.

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    Our BPS has full racks of long guns, but no AR type not even the Remington varmint rifle that is pretty much an AR.
    Plenty of handguns. I didn't look in the case but they appeared full as I passed by. Fair amount of ammo and I picked up some 357, and ........ 22's !!! I did not look for or see 556 or 9mm, but I can't say they didn't have any.

    We are lucky that we have two, count em, two local ammo manufactures. I think this is something we will start to see a lot of in the future because of the ammo situation. They manufacture ammo under their own brand. The one I have been to only makes handgun ammo and I am not sure about the other one. I have no idea if the only handgun ammo has something to do with the license they have or what. At any rate they have been a steady source of ammo over the past couple years. Are these common? I had never seen one before these came alone a few years ago. Seems like a great idea as a business as there is not much that is in greater demand than guns and ammo.
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