Firing Pin Problem?

Firing Pin Problem?

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Thread: Firing Pin Problem?

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    Firing Pin Problem?

    I shoot a S&W 1911SC and recently have had 2 malfunctions, with no idea on what causes them. They happened on different trips to the range.
    During a normal course of firing a full magazine, I'll have a FOTB (failure to go boom). I'll pull the trigger, the hammer falls. the firing pin strikes the round and indents the primer, but nothing happens.
    I'll drop the magazine, lock the slide back, clear the round, insert it back into the mag, insert the mag and release the the slide. When I pull the trigger the round fires.
    Does anybody know what would cause this?

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    check out, they have a trouble shooting section, you may be able to get some good info there. It may be caused by a bad firing pin spring or main spring.

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    First, did you have work done to lighten the trigger pull?
    Are these reloaded rounds or factory rounds?
    When you ejected the round you had the FTGB and looked at the primer, was it a "light" strike or a normal strike?

    It could be a number of things. Light hammer spring. light firing pin return spring. short firing pin (it's rare, but it does happen). My bet is that it's a light hammer spring. Perhaps not "light" but just light enough not to make the hammer smack the firing pin and have the pin strike the primer with enough kenetic energy. If you bought this gun NIB, you might want to send it back to the factory and get them to look it over. It should not do this.

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    Well, you could have some ammo with extra hard primers but, you don't want a carry gun with too light of a primer strike and not enough oomph to give a healthy smack to any hard primer.

    Install a heavier mainspring. That's an easy DIY at home job.

    If your firing pin spring is super heavy & your mainspring is too light then that's a bad combo on a carry gun.

    If you have a lightweight Titanium firing pin installed then get rid of that and use a steel firing pin.

    Also if you're shooting reloads check to see if the primers are fully seated.

    I would not send a 1911 format pistol back for something as simple as an occasional light primer strike. Even if you know nothing about the inner workings of a 1911 style pistol and don't want to tackle the simple spring change - any local gun smith can switch out springs without making any physical aterations to the handgun that would void a factory warranty.
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