Just joined my local Sportsman Association.

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Thread: Just joined my local Sportsman Association.

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    Just joined my local Sportsman Association.

    Just went to my local sportsman's association and joined. Paid a whopping $35 to join for a year! Unlimited outdoor range time and a key to the gate. I priced indoor ranges locally in the nearest Big city... If I go more than like 3 times I've saved quite a bit of money. The range is about 3 miles from my house. I've been hearing them shoot for years but never had an interest until my wife recently said... go buy a pistol and start shooting.

    The good thing is, my days off are usually mid week when I figure the range will be used the least. I, and my guests all can go.

    The only down side is that the sportsman's association looks a lot like the campground from Friday the 13th ha ha. At least I will be armed.

    So happy. Going to buy my "first" handgun this week hopefully. I should state I had a Ruger MkII and a .22 revolver when I was a kid but sold them years and years ago.

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    Congrats on finding someplace to shoot like that. Just some friendly words of advice for you:

    If possible, don't go alone. This is for several reasons:

    1. Isolated like that, you never know what/who you might run into. There is safety in numbers.

    2. There is always the possibility of an accident. Someone else with you in a case like that could be the difference between living to tell the story, or becoming an obituary notice.

    If you do go by yourself, make sure you let someone know your going, and what time to expect you back. If you planning on an extended session, tell the person you have notified that you will call to check in at a certain time. If you don't check in have them call you. If they don't get a hold of you send police to check on you.

    Since it has been years since you've shot, and you will be using a new gun, I would recommend not going by yourself the first time or 2.

    Be safe and enjoy.
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    A range I go to in NH is like that, 35 bucks or so. I just use it for trap since I had my own land to shoot. They do trap twice a week. I can not fathom folks shelling out big money for a "state of the art" range. But, then again, many folks do not have the ability to shoot where they live.
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    Congrats on taking the initiative to buy a gun and find a place to shoot it. You've gotten some good advice on how to get started at the range.

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