Why you need eye protection!

Why you need eye protection!

This is a discussion on Why you need eye protection! within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; So... as I'm checking out of my range session, the guy looks at me and asks, "Are you OK?". I reply in the affirmative, then ...

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Thread: Why you need eye protection!

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    Why you need eye protection!

    So... as I'm checking out of my range session, the guy looks at me and asks, "Are you OK?". I reply in the affirmative, then realize he's looking at my forehead kinda' strangely. "You're bleeding", he says, pointing to my forehead. Sure enough, I rub my fingers across my forehead and come away with a few drops of semi-dried blood. I then realize that the two cases that had ejected straight back into my forehead had actually drawn blood! They had made me flinch a bit, but not like anyone had sucker-punched me, so I kept on shooting since I was only halfway through my range time.

    Story behind the incident: I was test-firing a Taurus 709 Slim that had just come back from the factory after having the barrel and extractor replaced, due to multiple FTE's. Well... it looks like they got the extractor problem fixed, and the pistol ran well and shot accurately. I have taken a spent case to the forehead before... once or twice in thousands! of rounds... but these two were within ten shots of each other out of different mags, AND they hit in almost the same place on my forehead! The pistol spent almost three months at the Taurus facility, so it ain't gonna' go back for this spent-case trajectory issue. Anyone think this is unusual, out of a total of 50 rounds through the re-built pistol?

    Bottom line: ALWAYS wear eye-protection!!!

    P.S. Not sure if they didn't bounce off the partition to my right, but they hit my forehead within a half-inch of each other, so I suspect they are catching on something as they eject.
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    Back in the 1980s Speer sold some 140 and 160gr SJHPs that were notorious for shaving on firing. Getting pieces of jacket in the face really convinces you of the need for eye protection.
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    My dad lost his right eye in a construction accident in the 70's. He was the foreman of a construction company, made all his guys wear eyes and a hard hat but he never did himself. He was a gun nut and hunter, had to re-learn to shoot southpaw. From an early age I had a healthy fear of eye injury that verges on paranoia. You only have two eyes, protect them at all costs!
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    Eye protection can burn you too (literally). My son sports a (albeit cool-looking) scar in the corner of his eye from where my G19 lofted a hot shell behind the leg of his shooting glasses.

    A ball cap (or any hat with a brim) is also good to have.
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    I'm gonna have to fess up.. I never forget my ears, but seem to always forget or disregard my glasses. This threads an eye opener.
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    Not that long ago I was shooting at an indoor range. I had a small plastic bottle of Hoppes oil on the shelf at the firing line. When I looked down to pick it up it had fallen on the floor. I thought it just fell off. when I picked it up it had a nice slice through the side of it. Looked like a piece of metal jacket ricocheted off a target hanger or something and hit it. Imagine what that would have done to an unprotected eye - not good!

    I wear eyes, ears and ballcap - always.

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    I was taking a class at an indoor range when I learned the origin of the term "hot lead". A bit of shrapnel bounce of the steel wall and stuck to my skin on my offside arm just under the sleeve of my T-shirt. It stuck pretty good and wouldn't come off as it burned away. Lol. That was probably six months ago. I still have a mark that while not noticable to most, it is to me. So now I include a long sleeve shirt when standing that close to the wall.
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    I was doing some tree work for a guy with my Stihl. I was near done. I kinda needed a ladder but didn't have one available. All I needed really was a short bench or a tailgate to stand on. Nope...ain't got that either.

    So I broke a cardinal rule of runnin' a saw. I trimmed off some limbs over my head. At some point in the last 5 minutes of running that saw I got a teeny weeny bit of sawdust in my left eye. I finished the job, got paid and went home. My eye bothered me the whole time. Three days later I was miserable. I had insurance that was due to expire in 2 days. The next day I walked into the ER. Told them my prob and 10M later I was leaving and a happy camper.

    ALWAYS WEAR A FACE SHIELD OR SAFETY GLASSES when running a saw. I was wearing gloves and saw chaps but had forgot my hardhat w/face shield. NEVER AGAIN!!

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    Have had a few instances of ejected cases striking me, though none (IIRC) drawing blood. Have definitely had several instances of richochet/return chunks of lead or copper flinging into my legs or arms, drawing blood. Ya never know when it's gonna get you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by msgt/ret View Post
    Back in the 1980s Speer sold some 140 and 160gr SJHPs that were notorious for shaving on firing. Getting pieces of jacket in the face really convinces you of the need for eye protection.
    I know from whence you speak Msgt. While going through qualifications with the police department I served with in the late 80's I got the right side of my face blistered by an out of time Model 66 fired by the officer next to me. The powder burns are bad enough, but picking brass shavings and lead splatter out of your face is down right uncomfortable.
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    EYES AND EARS! The one time you forget will get you. Ask me how I know!

    Our 709 bounces brass off of my wife's forehead all the time. Not for me. I think it has more to do with the grip than anything else.
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    I suffered lead shavings from the shooter next to me on the line before. Also had .22 partial burnt powder come back and get me. Eye pro always , I even placed a second pair to ride permanently in the range bag.
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    I keep an extra pair of safety glasses and earmuffs in my range bag.

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    At the range yesterday an just having a great time when the lady in the next booth pulled out a older python she proceeded to load an than shoot an I caught a blast of powder in the side of my face sure glad I had glasses on burn like heck an pitted the side of my glasses she saw me flinch an saw my glasses she put it back in her bag. My cz ran perfect so did my shield two keepers.

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