FFL transfer

FFL transfer

This is a discussion on FFL transfer within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; There has always been disscusion on firearms forums about buying guns online with your dealer sending the neccesary paperwork out to the seller. Although I ...

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Thread: FFL transfer

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    FFL transfer

    There has always been disscusion on firearms forums about buying guns online with your dealer sending the neccesary paperwork out to the seller.

    Although I have never done this, has anyone ever done this and had your dealer get "offended" that you didn't just buy through him?

    Is this practice "faux pas" or should you just order a firearm through your dealer even if it is a few bucks more expensive?

    I have always felt just a wee bit self conscious asking my regular dealer to do this for me.....even if he IS making a few bucks on the transfer fee.

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    Much depends I think on the relationship with your own FFL.

    I am lucky - small town shop - coupla good guys run it. I have bought several guns from them, new and used but in fact transferred more guns than bought direct!!

    They charge very fair - and do not seem offended - most transfers were probably used guns that they would never have found for me anyways.

    If a NIB gun then just maybe some FFL's could be upset - and to be honest unless the saving is huge - better yet to use local and increase your standing with them. Used guns tho - should be no problem if the guy is fair and gets business from you or referrals..
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    I bought my first from my local dealer. I paid RETAIL, because I wanted it, and I didn't know better.

    My next purchase was from an individual, out of state, for a LNIB firearm for a great deal. I asked my 2 in town local dealers, and they both were not happy with my idea.

    I found another dealer 42 miles away and he said he would get transfer anything but Class III for $25.00. SO I let him transfer it. I have since asked another dealer 30 miles away, and he said he didn't care if I found a good deal, $25.00 for faxing a piece of paper is still good money. He has a point.

    So my 2 in town guys are jerks, and I have 2 out of town shops now that I can do great business with.
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    They don't have to offer the transfer service... if they don't want to do it, they won't. A local shop near me has a policy that they wont transfer a gun they can get themselves. If its a common gun like a Glock, they almost always will try to price match or at least come close.
    My thought is this; I would rather pay a few more dollars to the local guy so he can keep his doors open. I dread the day I have to mail order cleaning supplies or I discover I'm out of #6 12 GA the day before a hunt and theres no local shop anymore.

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    I Buy From A Couple Of Gun Shops...

    and I have purchased guns both from them, and through them. I get fair treatment from both...and neither seems to mind at all.

    I should also point out that I have made many of their 'house payments'. I do believe that people should 'buy' locally, if possible!

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    I've used my dealer to transfer several guns and had no problems. I try to use a little common sense. If they have that gun in stock I'll buy from them, if it is something that is used or no longer manufactured my dealer says go for it, if I let him play with it a little. (LOL)

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    I guess for a special purchase I'd try it; but, the LGS sells for $20 over his cost

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