first ar/223 need some input.

first ar/223 need some input.

This is a discussion on first ar/223 need some input. within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Ok so was at the LGS today and have decided I'm long over do for a rifle of this sort. So any ways I've always ...

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Thread: first ar/223 need some input.

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    Question first ar/223 need some input.

    Ok so was at the LGS today and have decided I'm long over do for a rifle of this sort. So any ways I've always been a fan of bull pup style rifles. So the first option is a bushmaster M17s and I know nothing about weather the parts are compatible with standard AR? Second is a factory 16" barrel bushmaster AR15 with carry handle and peep sights.

    My personal preferance is a shorter carbine style long guns. So with that being said there are pros and cons to both.... maybe?....

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    Ill keep this short and sweet. Bullpups suck, what you gain in maneuverability is sacrificed by function as mag changes are slow and cumbersome. A 16 inch barrel is the ideal length unless your planning on hunting at longer distances, then you may want to consider 18 or 20 inches. Get a chrome lined barrel, its worth the extra 50 bucks, trust me. Get an A3 upper, it will help with your "height over bore" no matter what kind of optic you put on it. Plus, you always have the option of the detachable carry handle. Price? unless your made of money, order online through Del-ton or Through them, your looking at around $800 for the whole set-up. Good luck finding ammo.
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    Agree with Xsigma. Bullpups suck, forget that idea. Also agree with him re chrome lined barrel.

    Let me try to cut to the chase on "your choices". Eliminate the bullpup now. Reconsider one with detachable handle. The detachable is better than one with a fixed handle. Dont even consider a fixed handle.

    HOWEVER, you will want optics. Such as a red dot, and you should consider a light mount as well. The ones with detachable handles generally also have no mounting options on the forearms. Ie no rails.

    What that means is that you would be looking at lots of money to upgrade the forearms, and once you detached the handle, would also have to buy BUIS (that aint cheap for good ones). All this can be avoided if you know what to look for in the first place, though it costs a bit more on the front end.

    Our local walmart has had in a number of brands & models of ARs in the last month or so. Two models that I would recommend over the bushmaster you speak of, are colts. The most expensive being a colt with full quad rail. The other being less expensive, and has magpul brand MOE forearms. The one with the magpul furniture is the one Id recommend.

    Its cheaper, but same quality build. You wouldnt have to worry about extra weight with the quad rails, but still have mounting options, AND you wouldnt cut your hands up on quad rails with the MOE model.

    Tactical Response has great info on their forum about this, btw.

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    Agreed on the Wal-Mart Colt 6920 suggestion if you can swing 1150+tax. Head over to and start reading.

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    I agree with what xsigma says too, for me, but lots of Tactical Tommy's don't. I'm handy with a rifle. It matters to me how it performs out beyond 300 yds, and I've taken a few deer with 5.56. I will say there are plenty of M4s that can still shoot well at distance. You CAN find carbine barrels (that shoot only .223) that hang with AR barrels, but you'll be charged for the privilege.

    I think you pretty much get what you pay for with most ARs, and it so versatile that everyone you talk to will tell you something different.

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