The Mossberg MVP: somebody needs to keep me away from gunshops...

The Mossberg MVP: somebody needs to keep me away from gunshops...

This is a discussion on The Mossberg MVP: somebody needs to keep me away from gunshops... within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; This is a preliminary look at the MVP - I'll be shooting it tomorrow and give an update. I had finished shooting my M&P9 at ...

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Thread: The Mossberg MVP: somebody needs to keep me away from gunshops...

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    The Mossberg MVP: somebody needs to keep me away from gunshops...

    This is a preliminary look at the MVP - I'll be shooting it tomorrow and give an update.

    I had finished shooting my M&P9 at the Shooter's Depot range and was doing a walk through the store to see what the gun situation looked like. Man! The display cases were full! The AR wall was full, The rifle wall was full, and right down at the bottom of one display of rifles was this (without the scope):

    I think it was the combination of laminated stock, short barrel, and the bolt action that really caught my eye. It was clear from the stickers all over it that it was a Mossberg bolt action.

    I wasn't familiar with Mossberg bolt action rifles, but I asked to look at it. The first thing I noticed was how light it was. It actually weighs in at 6-1/4 lbs sans the scope - really nimble feeling. I mounted it as if I had a pig dead in the empty scope rails and started pressing the trigger. WOW! The trigger was incredibly light. I thought I was just not 'feeling' the pull right and asked to look at several other guns. I was right from the get-go - the trigger was really light.

    It has what Mossberg calls it's LBA™ Lightning Bolt Action™Adjustable Trigger. I don't know how they get all of that out of LBA but it is true - the trigger is adjustable. Actually I had my Lyman Digital Trigger Pull Scale with me and the trigger measured under three pounds! That's box stock from the factory. More about that later.

    So I went home, went through the safe looking for something I could trade. I picked something and took off to the gun shop. I was within $40 of an even trade, so I forked over the $40 and took off with the gun.

    Mossberg did some things really right and it was nicely done - the barrel length was perfect at 18.5" and it was chambered, not for the .223, but for the 5.56 mm NATO.

    The barrel is what they call a medium bull barrel and about the last foot or so is lightly fluted. Update-24Jun2013: I didn't realize this, but just discovered it - the barrel is free-floating and has a recessed crown.

    They did the trigger right too. Although it is adjustable, when I got home, I did a 10 pull average and got 2 lbs 8.4 oz - essentially a 2.5 lb trigger box-stock as set by the factory. UPDATE-24Jun2013: I cleaned and lubed the MVP with Weapon Shield (Thanks QKShooter!!!), except for trigger sears where I used Gun Butter grease. I started measuring trigger pulls and it appeared that I was getting some kind of 'after shock'. I discovered the after shock was the trigger breaking and coming to an abrupt stop and my hand, pulling on the scale had enough 'spring' in it to drive the gauge into the stopped trigger. That was causing a superficially high reading. I used a different pull method to eliminate the over pull, and got a 5 shot average of 2 lbs-6 oz or 2-3/8 lbs - wow - and right from the box! If it will just shoot I'm off to check that now. One of the things I've read about this gun is that the light trigger does make a difference. One writer noted that he fired some test groups with it at 3.5 lbs and then adjusted it down to 2.5 lbs - I think I read that's as light as it will go. He did some more test groups and it was clear that the groups were significantly tighter.

    Another thing they did right was to make it a removable magazine and not only that but designed to use AR magazines - that's the Mossberg 10 rounder on the right, a 20 round in the middle and a 30 round mag in the gun. It does not like Pmags:

    And this is just aesthetic (I guess); it has the light spiral fluting on the bolt:

    There are two weaknesses (my opinion), although they may never cause any trouble. One is the mag release. There's a lever on the bottom of the receiver, shown here:

    That small lever is the end of a looong lever that is routed back along the side of the magazine well to the magazine catch position in the side of the magazine well. I called this a weakness, it's actually built pretty strong. It's just that the mag release isn't necessarily quick to release like an AR. But then it's not hard to release either, but it makes me think that it might not take much to get it to stick. Whether that would actually ever happen or not....

    The other weakness is the bolt design. But, according to my research on the MVP, this 'weakness' has been designed, tested, modified, tested, and then tested again for reliability and durability and it has proven to be a solid design - still....

    What it is about the bolt is a little 'flapper' on the bottom of the bolt. It is this flapper that allows the use of AR mags. The flapper/lever picks up the round from the AR mag. The pic I had of the bolt didn't turn out, so I can't show a pic of it, but I'll try to reshoot it and post it later.

    The same guy I referred to about adjusting the trigger, also did a little informal testing of the bolt and that little flapper lever. He said he did some really hard bolt racks and the flapper never seemed to so much as notice the forceful racks.

    Now, if the thing will just shoot! I'll know about that tomorrow.
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    Very neat looking. I like the compact size. Can't wait for the range report!

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    Looks like a nice little rifle with some decent features.
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    Looks like a solid shooter right there. Mossberg turns out some pretty cool stuff.

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