Best Safety Lesson You've Ever Seen?

Best Safety Lesson You've Ever Seen?

This is a discussion on Best Safety Lesson You've Ever Seen? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; One of the BEST safety lessons I ever witnessed was taught by my Grandfather to me & my two younger cousins. We are approximately 7, ...

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Thread: Best Safety Lesson You've Ever Seen?

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    Best Safety Lesson You've Ever Seen?

    One of the BEST safety lessons I ever witnessed was taught by my Grandfather to me & my two younger cousins. We are approximately 7, 5 & 4 years old. Blessed by birth into a family of avid shooters, hunters & outdoorsmen we had all be given Life N.R.A. Memberships on the very day we were born. This exact lesson had been passed-down for several generations and was renowned for its memorable effectiveness on impressionable youth.

    A big, ripe watermelon was held upright between two stretched strands of a barbwire fence. It looked funny & out of place as to capture our attention. We were encouraged to thump it for ripeness and assure it was held tightly. Our little fingers anxiously lifted it for weight & our ears listened closely for the tell-tale echo of its delicious interior. We became familiar with the melon. My Grandfather then asked us all to step behind him, 15-20 yards from the melon. He swiftly produced a previously unnoticed 12 gauge, full-choked Browning Auto 5. With a MIGHTY ROAR (ear protection wasn't popular in 1963) he blew our friend the watermelon all to hell & gone. Chunks of sticky, red fruit mingled with green rind flew explosively in all directions with the juice covering us and the ground well-behind. Fighting back terrorized tears the sudden fright, stunned shock & awe soon gave way to sheepish grins as we checked to see if we had wet our pants & saw one another drenched with the bright red interior pieces of what was, only seconds before, a simple piece of fruit. My Grandfather then very calmly explained the speed in which a gun accident can happen, leaving no doubt as to the destructive potential of even the smallest inattentive moment.

    My cousins & I are now 50+ year N.R.A. Lifers and have not only laughed about the profound, unshakable lesson we learned that day from Daddy Mac but have also passed it in the same method to our children. I'm so thankful for being loved enough to have the physics of a gunshot explained so very eloquently. What's your most memorable gun safety lesson?
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    Do your ears still ring? lol
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    Nothing so fancy for me. Just learned the 4 rules of firearm safety in a few minutes. Pretty self would think....don't know how folks can screw them up all the time.
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    Want a safety lesson? Go to your local indoor range, walk up to the lane and look around at the barriers between lanes, the ceiling etc. Check out the bullet holes in weird places.
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    Best safety lesson I've experienced was in regards to 10ga shotguns. Cousins introduced me to the joys of the 10a when, at age 10, I was invited to shoot at the big coffee can across the draw. Sighted in, blasted it nicely, and saw the can spinning off into the distance ... through my two feet, as they both came spinning up in front of my eyes as I was knocked on my keister. Learned to always double-check the weapon before shooting, to know its condition. Of course, the cousins had cocked both hammers and I just winged away at the coffee can. Blaaa-a-aaaam!

    Lesson learned. A gun is always loaded. A gun handed to you by cousins is likely loaded "hot" ... very, very hot. Words to live by.

    And so, I can't forget the four basic gun safety/handling guidelines, to this day. It's stuck with me. Thanks to the cousins.

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    Don't even need to open up that vid, to know who that is, I'd say. Lee Paige's example is a good lesson for everyone.

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