.22 pistol for young shooter...

.22 pistol for young shooter...

This is a discussion on .22 pistol for young shooter... within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I have a 13 year old that is a very cautious sort that hates loud noises but is ready to start shooting. I never really ...

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Thread: .22 pistol for young shooter...

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    .22 pistol for young shooter...

    I have a 13 year old that is a very cautious sort that hates loud noises but is ready to start shooting. I never really had much of an interest in .22 pistols but want to buy one for him to start shooting with.

    Suggestions along with your reason why you think it might be a good choice would be helpful shortening my search.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I really like my Walther P22. That said, get a browning Buckmark.
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    Ruger SR22 is an awesome gun and fun to shoot. It is also very accurate and not much recoil.
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    Ruger mk 111 or a buckmark most fun to shoot

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    My vote's for the Browning Buckmark as well. Picked mine up last week and it's already become my staple range gun. Accurate, good balanced weight (aka air gun like recoil), and the most excellent trigger you'll find on a .22 pistol.

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    I have a Buckmark, and it is truly a refined 22 target pistol.

    But if you want to teach firearms handling and skills beyond that of target shooting and pinpoint accuracy, I would suggest a double action revolver. Something like the old H&R 922. The Buckmark has a very fine trigger, which may not be the best suited for a new learner.
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    Sig Mosquito 22 or ISSC M22. Both are good on recoil, fairly priced and seem to be readily available. Fair warning on the M22 however. My wife has one and it jams on everything except Fiochi and CCI.

    There is supposed to be a second spring made for it, but I've yet to be able to find it.

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    I have the Sig Mosquito. That being said, I recommend Ruger Single Six for a young shooter. Accurate, simple, not ammo sensitive.

    The Sig and Walther are ammo sensitive. The 4" isn't what I call accurate. If you must go with a semi auto (I wouldn't), the Ruger Mark series and Browning have good reputations.
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    How much do you want to spend?
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    I'm going to stray from the madding crowd and suggest a Ruger Single Six (or the newer Single Ten).

    Reasons? Several. Foremost in my mind is to teach the new shooter to make every shot count. The temptation with a 10+ round magazine is to start blasting to see the brass fly and smell the gunsmoke, and although it's fun, it does little to develop shooting skills. There's nothing like a six-shooter that requires manual cocking for each shot to force the shooter to be deliberate about his shots. Given the scarcity of rimfire ammo these days, that alone is a good reason to skip the autoloaders.

    Beyond reduced capacity and rapidity of fire, I like the idea of a single-action revolver to enhance the notion of safety. There is no safety to rely upon; the lesson is impressed upon the new shooter that safety is between the ears and not on the gun. I also think that the trainee needs to learn how to safely decock a gun with a hammer.

    Lastly, the sheer simplicity of the gun serves to enhance accuracy, which encourages the new shooter. The double-action auto pistols have long, creepy triggers compared to a Single Six, which do nothing to help the new shooter build his skill. Teaching the basics if sight alignment and trigger press with a crisp SA trigger enhances the likelihood of success.
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    I'd go woth either the ruger 22/45 or a single shot bolt like a savage 15a, i know you said a pistol, but i sill feel that a good bolt rifle is the way to learn. also try some of the quieter rounds, they work great out of my bolt, not so well out of my auto tho...
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    Get the Buckmark. The longer barrel adds more weight, which will reduce perceived recoil to the point of being non-existant. The boy will be very comfortable with it, as long as it fits his hands, and he learns to operate the controls.
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    I have a Buckmark but I like Gasmitty's suggestion for a Ruger 22 revolver better for a beginner. The problem is finding ammo for a .22. .22's are too much fun.

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    Nmuskier and gasmitty made the same suggestion I will, a Ruger Single Six.

    Both gentlemen gave the same reasons for their suggestion that I would, and I'll add one more. The Single Six also comes with a 22WMR cylinder, which not only is the next step up from 22LR it is a darn good varmint round.

    SCXDm9, you mentioned that your son hates loud noises; I'm sure this is in your plans, but make sure you get him good ear protection and make him wear it. (Perhaps the only negative to a 22 revolver is that they are louder than most semi-automatics.) That and eye protection should be mandatory along with teaching him gun safety in general.

    I have worked with several first time shooters (both young and old) at the range on our farm. I printed copies of the 4 rules of gun safety on paper and have a stack of them in the supply building. (I print 5 sets of the rules on a piece of paper and cut each set into strips so they can easily fold them up to keep and review). I make ANY new shooter read, study, and recite all 4 before I put a gun in their hands. Since I started doing this, I have not had to intervene to stop muzzle sweeps nearly as much which is probably the most common safety infraction I've witnessed.

    Good luck, enjoy sharing the experience with your son.
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    My 9 year old can shoot my ruger 22/45 wonderfully. It is a nice little pistol.
    Kinda going off target here but have you considered an Airgun? I did a lot of training with a Crosman 1377 and it has helped a lot with my accuracy. If you go the Airgun route don't buy a gun that shoots bbs. Pellets are much more accurate. There are a few co2 powered air gun pistols out there that shoot pellets. The Crosman 2240 is a nice single shot.

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