Finally got to shoot pistol at full 25 yards for the first time.

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Thread: Finally got to shoot pistol at full 25 yards for the first time.

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    Finally got to shoot pistol at full 25 yards for the first time.

    Not too good, is it, Chief?

    I'm used an indoor range where you max out at 40 feet.

    By the way, this is this gun:

    IT came from the Florida Swamps!!!!

    But without the new bushing that's on its way. I wanted to take it shooting to do before and after comparisons. I took a half a box and said, what the hell, go for broke.
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    I wish my 25 yard group looked that good.

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    I think my last 25 yard grouping was a bit wider than that. Kimber Gold Match II. I'm hoping to tighten it up, I've got a laser boresight on order that should be coming any day and I'll tune the sights to my liking.
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    Hiding inside a bottle of Jim Beam Black in S. FL.
    Looks like a lot of serious hits to me.
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    Pretty good for the shooter that hits the range at least once a month or more,I shot my Colt XSE 1911 Commander last Sunday at 25 yards and your group looks better,but my target didn't survive either
    IMHO most SD shootings are well within 7 yards and only a few scenarios would call for 25+ yard shots,it's important to know what you and your pistol can do at those ranges.
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    Roughly handspan width and height, with one flier. Not all that bad, for a newly-refurbed gun that's new to you. Of course, it's not quite like the little Army training video recently posted (Interesting WWII video on the effectiveness of US small arms).

    I'll bet that once you get more comfortable with the balance of that particular gun that you'll find your groups halving. (Presuming your eyesight is decent.)

    Congrats, again, on the new pony in the stable.
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    For a 25 yards, that is pretty good shooting.

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    Georgia..South of the mountains, north of the sand flies.
    That's a bunch of serious leaks.
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    NYPD would be drooling if they could group that tight at 5 yards ... (joke)
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    The handgun is the ultimate in self defense to use up to 50 meters.
    The Army requires a handgun to shoot and hit at 50 meters.
    The Army has the M9 now and the 1911 before.
    To date these autos are fine in my opinion.
    I'd still give the Army a run with a Colt Single Action Frontier Six Shooter in .44-40 WCF but the days of shooting a handgun with limited rounds (6) are over today. The Army used the SAA Colt in .45 Long Colt quite successfully in the days marksmanship counted.

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    By closely studying the photo I have concluded that every one of those shots would have hurt.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mprp View Post
    By closely studying the photo I have concluded that every one of those shots would have hurt.
    Yup...serious pain.

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    Every hit COM - ya done good; most are happy to do that at 7 yds.

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    Hey, considering what that Frankenstein was when you got it...

    Nice work.

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    Nice shooting you definitely killed him.....

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