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Thread: VERY HAPPY: S&W M&P 9c

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    Thumbs up VERY HAPPY: S&W M&P 9c

    I got to take my new Smith out today and shoot a little and it performed beautifully for me!
    Not one single issue; Quite a change from my PT22 that I had!

    I exhausted myself reading reviews on which gun to purchase for HD/SD/CCW, and I am very pleased with my research and final decision on this one!

    The range was a little crowded, so I had to go back to 25yds (as opposed to a more realistic SD distance), but I'm still on paper and it shot well.

    I have read that these M&P's have a "gritty trigger".
    I'm NO expert on the subject, but the trigger felt just fine to me!
    My husband also bought a S&W SD9 and I gotta tell you... my gun blows his away, in the hand/feel, trigger feel, AND in recoil.

    I put somewhere between 50-75 rounds through my 9c today with 115 and 124 grain (only about 24 rounds of 124) and there was no noticeable difference to me (and I was worried that there might be).
    Brands used were CCI Blazer FMJ's (115) and some other 124 grain 9mm's that my FIL had in his gun safe from when he had his 9 that he brought with us--no problems (on either gun) with either type of ammo.

    WOMEN: If you're interested, this is a great gun for us (or ANYONE), so far!
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    I love my 40c. Great pistol! Great choice!
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    I love my 9c as well. Mine definitely had the gritty trigger, which I understand has been eliminated in current production guns.
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    Congrats on the m and p

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    They recently in the past couple months have redone their triggers. I am hearing very good things about the new trigger. Will most likely be picking a m&p 9 up myself in the near-term future now.
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    My wife feels the same way but with a apex kit installed.
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    Hate not finding 10 round mags love mine as well otherwise.
    Enjoy yours.

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    Welcome to the M&P family. I totally dig my full size and Shield both in 9mm. My brother bought the 9c and really really likes it, too. Happy shooting!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike1956 View Post
    I love my 9c as well. Mine definitely had the gritty trigger, which I understand has been eliminated in current production guns.
    The grittiness definitely hasn't been eliminated on current production guns (If current means a test fire date of 6/5/13). It varies wildly between each gun; some feel like they'd had a trigger job (like the one I went home with on Friday), and others still have that 'raking marbles' pull. Even if you end up with a gritty trigger, it does smooth out eventually (my 2012 9c did) and there's always APEX parts if you're a trigger snob.

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    I think I have the ultimate torture test for you. I took an M&P Compact 9mm thru the Fighting Pistol Course. 1,000 rounds in two days.

    It ran like a sewing machine. Fine weapon.

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    Good guns. Been carrying mine all summer.

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    Couldn't wait to get rid of my 9c;.....
    Only because I bought an M&P .357Sig c

    I know 8 Friends or family that own an M&P in some variant/cal., and none will part with them.
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    Sweet, I was looking at one about a eight months ago and love the feel of one, I went with the XDs .45 and it's my EDC and I love it but have being thinking about getting a 9mm myself, maybe one day, I'm happy with my XDs for summer and my XDm .45 for winter.
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