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This is a discussion on Honest opinions........ within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by Hekkenschutze If you pull anything from my post it should be this: find some friends or some people at your local gun ...

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Thread: Honest opinions........

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hekkenschutze View Post
    If you pull anything from my post it should be this: find some friends or some people at your local gun range that have the exact gun (Sig, SA XD, Glock, whatever) and Hold the Gun and SHOOT the gun if at all possible. At the bare minimum go to the gunstore and hold both one at a time and even at the same time and compare! Best of Luck! Either way...I am sure you'll be happy ;)
    I was more accurate with the Sig. when I shot it side by side with the Glock. I ended up with the HK which I shot a little better than the Sig. I was determined not to buy anything till I had a chance to shoot them.
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    Oh some Sig shooting will definately be in order. Unfortunately, I don't know anyone that owns one. I can try to rent one at the range, but I think the range only has Glock rentals.

    Sounds like most of you really liked them? I am not a lefty, so those issues won't pertain, although I do think you guys get passed over sometimes in the design phase.

    My real issue is that XDs are about $450-$500 for most, but Sigs are $700 and up from what I see. That's a BIG increase for me. I may be looking at the wrong ones, or maybe my range only carries the upper end models?
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    Both are great guns imho. But it was price that swayed me to the xd. And I like it just as well. If I could have afford the sig yes I would own one. But Im happy with the xd as well and half the cost of the sig I was looking at. Have a great day.


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    My real issue is that XDs are about $450-$500 for most, but Sigs are $700 and up from what I see.
    That's the price for new ones.

    Think of it this way in practical terms - a polymer gun is always going to be cheaper to manufacture than a metal one due to machining alone.

    In buying a gun that you intend to shoot, the price of the weapon pales in comparison to the ammo you're going to put through it and related accessories.

    That said, I own 7 or 8 Sigs (I'm not even sure any more), and have always thought the XD was a fine gun - at the old HS2000 price, not what Springfield thinks they're worth today.
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