Honest opinions........

Honest opinions........

This is a discussion on Honest opinions........ within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; OK I have been reading, and reading........... I own SA XDs, but have been thinking about getting a Sig. Not caring about caliber, are Sigs ...

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Thread: Honest opinions........

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    Honest opinions........

    OK I have been reading, and reading...........

    I own SA XDs, but have been thinking about getting a Sig.

    Not caring about caliber, are Sigs all that people say they are? Do they shoot that much better?

    I missed a GREAT deal on one a couple weeks ago locally beacause I didn't think they were much different. AM I wrong?
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    No doubt , Sigs are great guns. The quality of fit and finish really show. You may or may not notice more accuracy with a sig over some other manufacurers. alot depends on how good of shot and what gun fits you.
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    I love my XD and always will, but I'd buy a nice Sig in a heartbeat. I spent the day with a 226 in 9 at SigArms Academy during my handgun course. My wife had the 229 in 9. Great guns! The quality was outstanding and both firearms just felt "right". One of, if not the only reason I did not buy one for CCW after the course was the fact that I could get my XD for so much cheaper and brand new. Had I been able to get a new Sig at the same price, it would not have been an issue.
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    A Sig is a Sig ...is a sig. I have two Sig's and they are as SigArms states, "To Hell And Back Reliability".
    There are other handguns and I have others but still "A Sig is a Sig ...is a sig". Now, I'm even quoting myself
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    I have an XD 9 Tactical, XD 40 Service, XD 45ACP Tactical, sold my XD 45 GAP Tactical so I know and love my XDs. Also have SIG 220ST 45 ACP, P226 Navy 9mm, P226 9mm, P232 380. ALL great, reliable firearms, but I'd give up all of my XDs before parting with even 1 of the Sigs. Quality that you can feel, they will eat anything, and I have had only 1 FTF and that was a problem with the ammo, not the weapon.
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    Sigs are great. I've owned a couple in the past. For some reason, I turned into a total GLOCK fan though. To the point that every pistol I own is a GLOCK. (Revolvers are all Smith.) That said, I am sure I'll end up with Sig again in the future. I can't stay away for ever.
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    I was going to buy a Sig 226 9mm but did not because a friend of mine had one and had problems with some sort of trigger spring in the grip that "ate" the plastic and metal. If you poke around on the web you will hear similar stories although I will state that the Sig my friend had shot accuratly, relaibly and fit my big hands perfectly! I ended up with a Glock 17 :P I love it...but am wary of the saftey and a bullet in the chamber so now I am either gonna buy a SA XD 45 (their brand new one) OR the tried and true HK USP 45 compact (or 40 S&W). Right now I pack a Makarov and love it.

    If you pull anything from my post it should be this: find some friends or some people at your local gun range that have the exact gun (Sig, SA XD, Glock, whatever) and Hold the Gun and SHOOT the gun if at all possible. At the bare minimum go to the gunstore and hold both one at a time and even at the same time and compare! Best of Luck! Either way...I am sure you'll be happy ;)

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    I own Sigs and XDs. Both are good guns. I would ask the purpose of getting the Sig. I like the Sigs and only two have ever given me any problems. My wife's P230 didn't like all ammo and would fail to feed, a lot with ammo it didn't like. Polished the feed ramp a little and now it seems fine. I can't shoot it much because I have large hands and get slide bite shooting a small semi-auto pistol like that.

    The other Sig that gave me problems was a very dirty GSR (1911 Sig). It was a rental and was very dirty. I got a lot of practice at failure drills with that one. I think I managed a string of five shots without a failure one time during the session. My brother was extremely impressed with my failure clearing skills though.

    I like Sigs and have carried Sigs and they work well for me. I would agree that before you buy any handgun you should try to shoot it (friend, rental etc.).
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    I've got both.

    XD's are probably better values. Sigs are probably better guns. They both are reliable and accurate.

    Why must you chooose one or the other?

    Go test some Sigs and get the one you like the most, then you'll have both, and you can report your findings here!

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    Sigs are a great handgun, but imo, one of the worst handguns to have if you're a lefty. I had a P239 in .40 for a while, but I eventually traded it because I more or less had to change hands to change magazines or to decock the pistol. It shot well though.
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    I have an XD-9sc and, like you, wanted to make that jump into the Sig (or "higher end" gun makers) World too. I decided not to go with a Sig, but instead bought an HK USPc 9mm. Just speaking from my $800+ HK experience (as I've yet to shoot a Sig), my little XD is just as accurate as my expensive HK and is just as reliable. The HK does feel much better in my hand though, but that's just me.

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    I got the SIG bug two years ago and have three - EDC is the 226 ST which I like greatly. Large gun with weight and so excellent platform for control and capacity.

    I doubt accuracy is really a factor - whether Glock, HK, SIG or XD - all IMO is down to ergonomics and manual of arms being ''right'' for the owner. Reliability too of course.

    I did have a worrysome spell with the 226 when it turned out greased rails on the ST (mine anyways) are bad news - crud builds and grease goes sticky and slide drag affects function with std pressure rounds. Oil does the trick now.

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    Sigs are excellent guns

    Quote Originally Posted by XD in SC View Post
    Not caring about caliber, are Sigs all that people say they are? Do they shoot that much better?
    I have 2 Sigs out of maybe 30 handguns in total. Mine are the P226 in 9mm and the P229 in .40 caliber. I've owned them about 6 or 7 years.

    I have shot the two Sigs quite a bit at the range, alternating them with other brands of guns in the same calibers. I would say they are as reliable and accurate as any brand I have seen. The ergonomics and grip feel are excellent on Sigs, and superior to most other brands. When you take them apart for cleaning and inspection, you are impressed with the quality and workmanship of the parts, and how well everything fits together. Although Sigs cost a bit more than many other handguns, you get a superior gun for your money.

    I consider the P series Sigs to be better for shooting than for carrying, as they tend to be somewhat heavier and wider than alternative carry guns. You certainly can carry them, but there are lighter weight and slimmer alternatives for that use. I tend to favor aluminum frame 1911s or polymer frame guns over Sigs for carry, simply because they conceal slightly better and are lighter in weight.

    This P229 is probably my favorite Sig:

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    I can't say anything bad about sigs. All I can say is that buying a gun is totally subjective. The Sig just doesn't fit me, My hands are big enough to manipulate the controls comfortably so I don't like them personally. They are good guns and everyone that I know who does carry them loves them. If you like the Sig buy a Sig. Good luck.
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    I love the way a Sig feels and shoots. But being left-handed as well, the controls are not conducive to proper techniques. As much as I like them, wouldn't be a first for me. Given that I were right-handed, then it would be a different story.

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