"Shotgunning: The Art and the Science" by Bob Brister

"Shotgunning: The Art and the Science" by Bob Brister

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Thread: "Shotgunning: The Art and the Science" by Bob Brister

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    Thumbs up "Shotgunning: The Art and the Science" by Bob Brister

    To: Whomever recommended this book a week or two ago-


    I agree with everything he says, and his training tricks and insights are eye opening even for someone who has been shooting for many decades! Every chapter I'm smacking my forehead wondering why I didn't think of that. The guy is the master of the obvious, and therefore a true genius. His credentials are the highest possible, and his wisdom invaluable!

    I don't care if you've never touched a shotgun in your life, and could care less about them. His insight, training methods and simple drills directly relate to all shooting, and specifically to Defensive use of a handgun since closing an eye and aiming carefully will probably get you killed. Unless your using a scope the principals are rock solid for all shooting.

    Right in the first chapter where he gives the completely ignorant girl the BB gun with the sights filed off sets the tone for the whole thing, and it just gets better and better. He drills into aspects of shooting and explains them clearly and concisely better than anything I've read (and I've read allot).

    Before you invest in someone's "combat course" read this book, and try some of his drills and techniques first. I wish that when I was ten years old my father had taught me like this man teaches. My father taught me well, but I would have greatly benefited from this kind of instruction, and I will certainly use it when teaching my own boy to shoot.

    This should be required reading for all people who shoot.

    Really, this is a treasure, and you are the MAN for turning me on to it!!!
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    Learning something new is always kewl. I did not recommend the book, but will check it out.
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    I agree. It's an excellent read and my shotgun skills increased when I put what I read into practice.

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    I'm checking it out too. It's not in the library and sounds worthwhile.
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    This is a good book. Can you recomend another book on the topic? Perhaps one that is more focused on use of a shot gun in tactical and defensive applications?

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    Ordered it. Thanks for the review.
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    Nice recommendation.

    I've also found the following book pretty useful: The Orvis Wingshooting Handbook, by Bruce Bowlen. More for hunting than defense, but it's the sort of book that helps one get back to basics.
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