Sig Sauer P229 Question

Sig Sauer P229 Question

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Thread: Sig Sauer P229 Question

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    Sig Sauer P229 Question

    I am a new member of this forum and I would like to say ,"Hi",to all the members.I joined this forum to learn more abbout handguns and also to know more on how to use them for defense.Another reason for me joining is to meet new friends.Anyway,my first question is,in regards to a Sig Sauer P-229,if it is designed to take +P Ammo?By the way,the caliber of Sig Sauer P-229 that I am thinking of getting is in 9MM.Also,in regards to 9MM ammo,I know that they come in 115 Grain,124 Grain,135 Grain,and 147 Grain.What are the advantages of each over the other?Which Grain would have the best stopping power?Which grain also would be the most controllable to shoot?

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    I've got the P226, the bigger brother of the 229, and yes, +P is okay, although I don't recommend a steady diet of it in any firearm as it can increase wear and tear, shorten recoil spring life, etc.

    115 grain is fine for target work, but for pure defense, heavier is better no less than 124-125 grain bullets. I haven't fired the 147 grain bullets, but they do have a large following. The more important aspect is to place the bullets where they'll be effective regardless of caliber or weight. All bullets have stopping power when used properly; none do when not placed properly.
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    I have an older P229 in 40/357sig and +p will work just fine in any sig. My Sig P6 9mm eats +p. I have 147 gr hst and 147 gr Ranger t-series bonded on hand. I implicitly trust both. As OldVet said, I do not advise a steady diet, but Sigs can definitely take the punishment.

    I ALWAYS shoot heaviest grain weight I can get my hands on. I want the biggest permanent wound cavity I can get and as a result trust the heavier slower bullets to do the job. Not that 124 grain is BAD, just that I trust 147 grain more.
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