New shooters

New shooters

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Thread: New shooters

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    New shooters

    Well once again a lady I know found out that I not only shoot but carry all the time,she is a Pharmacist by trade and asked if I could teach her to shoot since her husband wasn't patient enough.I know her husband too so we set up a range day,they also have a daughter heading to college in Austin next week.
    a few weeks ago I started them out on an M&P 22 pistol and within a short amount of time were shooting pretty accurate slow fire drills at about 7 yards,yesterday after some remedial 22 work we moved up to an XD9 and some reduced power handload 125 grain ammo,after shooting slow fire for accuracy and to get used to the heavier recoil we moved downrange and set the target stands against the 20ft high berm,I then demonstrated shooting from the low ready position and engaging the target,starting slow and then having them increase in speed as they felt comfortable.
    Pretty soon they were double tapping the center of the target like pros,they were no longer apprehensive about the guns and were becoming more confident in their handling skills.We then switched to a snub nose 38 spl again with light 158 grain LSWC bullets and they shot not only double action,but some Single action,and again was smoking the target.
    I believe their daughter is interested in now getting a 38/357 snubby for protection since she handled it well and it is more user friendly.There is no doubt in my mind by the time we get done she will not only have the shooting skills needed but the mindset to stop a threat.
    I also broke out me AR15 carbine and mossberg 930 semi-auto 12 gauge with 18.5" barrel to let them experience what is available for defense,they loved the AR15 and the shotgun got a couple of wow's from them when they blew a 2" hole thru the silhouette
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    Good job!!!

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    ...GREAT JOB and a credit to the cause!!!

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    Very nice.

    If people like us don't help new shooters get started, in another generation there won't be people like us.

    John W in SC

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    Outstanding work!!!
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    Way to go. Glad you could help some people learn to defend themselves. Especially for the fact that they're women. And one of them is going to college in Austin. The party town of Texas.

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    Nice job. Always good to hearing this kind of thing.

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    Way to go!
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