Rifle Firepower is coming out with a nice article about the system in their next issue; HIGH-TECH GEAR: DIAL-IN WITH OCAT - Rifle Firepower

Now just for the folks at Defense Carry I am going to give you a "heads up" on an announcement that is coming out later this week. We are officially announcing a wireless version of the same system that was in the article. Why? Because it costs a lot less, makes sense for a typical long range shooter, and it PORTABLE. The system in the article used a 1000 yard roll of fiber optic cable (about 70 lbs, and not cheap) and a $1500 USB to Fiber conversion box. The new add-on system to the OCAT is much chapter than the USB to Fiber box was.

I will be around to answer questions about the system for anyone that is interested.

A few nice things about it. If you have the pan and tilt system, you can set up a bunch of targets down range, and just keep panning and tilting to a new one without having to go down range. You can "clear" your shots, and the system remember which shots have all ready been fired so you don't have to go down range to mark your target. You get the "exact" x and y range to bullseye, thus you know right were you are on each shot. And you can do all of that at ranges of 1000 yards or more. One of the biggest advantages is that you can actually see where your shots are landing immediately at ranges of 600 yards or more. No more, moving to the spotting scope and trying to find your hits.