My New Toy

My New Toy

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Thread: My New Toy

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    My New Toy

    Two months ago I went to a local gun show looking for my dream Colt firearm. I found one that was used and in great shape. The guy wanted $1200 firm. It wasn't quite what I was looking for because I wanted stainless steel but because it was so clean and there was no paper trail, I would take it. I gave the guy 50 bucks to hold it and pull it off his table. I asked if he would consider taking my Colt Mark IV in trade and he told me he wasn't interested. Now I had to sell three guns so I could afford to buy my new Colt. Well the first two sold within a half hour, but my Mark IV was a tougher go. Unfortunately it didn't sell and I went back to tell the dealer the bad news. He gave me my money back and I went to the next table to buy my Sig P938 for my new carry piece. While I was filling out the paper work I noticed that they had the stainless version for a buck cheaper and the dealer told me he would eat the tax because I bought my Sig from him. Most excellent! Now while I was filling the paperwork the guy who had the blue version walked by and said to me, "You know I didn't have to give you your deposit back". I told him, "I know". He then said, No really I didn't have to give you your money back". Again I said to him "I know, I appreciate it". and walked away. The dealer and I said what an idiot (well not quite that term).

    I tried selling my Colt to all my shooting friends with no luck except one. Cool, I now have the cash to buy my new toy!

    Fast forward a month and there was another gun show at the same fairgrounds. Last Friday my uncle brought me three old shotguns that he had and asked me to sell them for him which I said I would. He's 80, has health problems, needs the money, and no one in his immediate family is into guns. One was a Remington 870 that my grandfather gave him in the early 30's. The other was a black powder Kentucky rifle that my dearly departed pops gave him. Well that lightened the load for the gun show because my grandfathers gun went into my safe and my pop's gun is going above my wood burner in the family room. Unfortunately because I was buying a new gun, I didn't have cash for the guns. I told him I would pay him when we get out next bonus and distribution check and he told me now problem. The last gun was a JC Higgins with the ugly compensator. I took it in and ask the first dealer who asked to look at it what it was worth. He told me they sell all day at a hundred bucks and told me that's what he would give me for it.I politely refused figuring because it was in nice shape I could get 125 bucks from a walker. In the next building I did get my price for it.

    On Saturday a friend and I went to the show. I asked If he thought I should go purchase my toy right away or wait until after we walked the entire show. He said wait and I agreed. Besides I didn't want to be asked a hundred times If my new Colt was for sale. So when we went into the third building I seen the guy who had the blue gun and he still had it. Cool, I've been waiting a whole month to tear this guy a new one. So I walk up to his table and pull a wad of cash out of my pocket. I say to him "I sold my gun". He get up and walks over to the gum and asks if I wanted to buy it. I look him straight in the eye and said, "I wouldn't buy this (expletive) gun if he was the only dealer at the show and that was the only (expletive) gun!" I then told him "As far as I was concerned he could stick his gun up his dupah", and that he had no right to jump me". If he wanted to make the sale he should have taken my Mark IV in trade. He then said "Hey I gave you you money back and you didn't eave say thanks". I said "Bull poopie, when you told me you didn't have to give me me my deposit back I told you I know and I appreciate it"! He said "Oh yah, you did". I walk away to the next table to talk to the guy who had the stainless version. Unfortunately but fortunately he was busy with another guy. The idiot then say's, "come back here and let's talk. I told him, "Go expletive himself, he wasn't worth my time or energy"! He said "Bite me"! I replied "I would, but I probably could find it"! I then yelled I just hope when you stick your gun up your dupah, I hope it's loaded"! That way when I kick you in the dupah, I hope it goes off"! He yelled back, "You couldn't kick my butt"! By then I had enough of the idiot (expletive) and walked away. I finished walking the show and found my dream gun a couple of rows over for 995 bucks! It also was new, and I bought it on the spot. Needless to say I never went back to the guy that was going to eat the tax!

    Now since this forum has a no swearing policy and I don't swear unless the people deserve it (except the two swear words that are in the Bible), There was a least 50 expletives and several one finger pointing towards the ceiling.

    The greatest thing about this whole ordeal ts that my friend, his father (who came later), and another friend plus about 50 other people got to enjoy my tearing the idiot a new one. They were laughing their butts off!

    So now for your viewing pleasure, BigHoles Productions proudly presents my new Colt Gold Cup Trophy!
    Please Mr Bad Guy, don't do anything to warrant me to pull my gun and use it on you!

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    Well... at least you got the gun you were after at a price you could deal with and that's all I'm going to say.
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