Looking for that first purchase...go easy on me..

Looking for that first purchase...go easy on me..

This is a discussion on Looking for that first purchase...go easy on me.. within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Hey guys/gals... First time posting/first time buyer. Background -- went and fired my girlfriends father's handguns a 2 weeks ago. loved it. not even just ...

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Thread: Looking for that first purchase...go easy on me..

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    Looking for that first purchase...go easy on me..

    Hey guys/gals...

    First time posting/first time buyer.

    Background -- went and fired my girlfriends father's handguns a 2 weeks ago. loved it. not even just the guns i fired, just firing them. AND, i wasn't one of the targets for him to shoot at, so a couple different pluses.

    That got me curious and started in with some research, looking for something to have a good time firing at a range, and something to keep for home protection. (hoping of course it never needs to be used for that). Internet researched brought me to a price range, and narrowed down a couple different options based 100% on reviews, looks, caliber size, name. (pretty much all but firing it)

    Had some good timing, and a gun show was in town this past weekend and had a chance to walk around and pick everything up/hold it. First gun show/awesome experience/ruled out a couple choices mostly just by picking them up.

    Down to a couple choices id like you guys to rank for me, or any horrible or positive experience you've had with them. My ranking (again, without firing any of them...)

    1) Steyr M9-A1 (9mm)
    2) Sig 2022 (9mm)
    3) Beretta PX4 Storm (9mm)
    Honorable Mention 4) Walther PPX M1

    0) FN FNS-9/FNX-9

    FN is the pipedream as its out of my price range, but mmm i liked it lol. Before anyone suggests a Glock, i have no reason to not like it other than many years playing CounterStrike as the terrorists and firing 20 shots into someone for them to still have full armor and health. If you played CounterStrike, you'll know what i'm talking about. Was not a fan of how the M&P felt in my hand, and felt really 'meh' about the SA XD line (supposed to be excited about a first purchase, not 'meh' about it..right?)

    Pretty sure 9mm is what i want, not TOO concerned about concealed carry at all so not too interested in compact versions, i like the feel of the bit larger ones too. and price range is $550 being NEAR the most i want to spend (little wiggle room but not much)

    Thanks a ton guys! looking forward to any responses! any help is MUCH appreciated.

    (BONUS -- if you can convince me why i should want .40 versions of any of them since they are all the same price)

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    Sidenote -- i realize the best way to figure out if these are good options is to actually try 'em out... just asking for opinions to make sure my eyes are focused in the right direction :)

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    Dismissing Glock based on an old computer game when it's going to be comparable to, or better than, the guns in your list is a massive mistake. It is one of the most popular handguns for LEO/Military in the world for a reason.

    Saying that, any of them should fit your needs, it really comes down to which of them fits you best and that appeals to you most.
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    lol, dismissing the Glock isn't completely based on counterstrike. I don't like how it fits in my hand, i don't like how it looks, and it is just unappealing to me. Even if i fired it and loved it, I would probably lie to myself about not liking it. Its like a Ford guy hopping in a Corvette and saying - 'yeah, this is better than my Mustang'. Guess that's the best way i could describe it...? either way, thanks for a response.

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    I carry a Beretta PX4 Storm Compact 9mm and it shoots like a dream. Very accurate and no failures of any kind with it.
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    Make sure whatever you purchase that you are able to get ammo where you live for that gun.

    What I was told when I bought my first gun was to make sure it fit good in your hand.

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    Well a 9mm fired from an FN is the same as a 9mm fired from a Glock it is simply a different delivery system I just got through shooting zombie's with my ten year old with a 1911 on Black Ops and they took a full mag before I stabbed them to death again.

    Each gun has a following I have never shot nor handled any of the ones you mentioned but that is simply my choice. I am pretty much a Glock guy so that is what I carry. Choose what you like and can afford. A firearm is simply a tool, a fancy hammer may feel good in your hand but if it breaks or does not do the job you want to do it is still nothing but a fancy hammer. Simply get something that works every time you need it looks are not important.

    To me the .40 will do nothing that a 9mm won't do but opinion varies and caliber wars are commonplace on the internet. Good luck in your search.
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    Best advice I can offer is make sure you know what you want the firearm for. If you plan on getting a concealed carry permit, you should consider other makes that conceal more easily on warmer days. The list you have is great for home defense, but in summer, you have to work a little more to dress around them. If you plan on just having a range/home defense gun, then your list is good. Biggest step in deciding which is right for you is knowing what you want to use it for. Obviously, you'd like to try them all out before you purchase, especially since you listed some with different trigger actions (Sig is DA/SA, while the PPX is DAO). Sometimes, those things make a difference in preference.

    Of your list, I prefer the Sig, for my eighth of a cent.
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    Of those on your list I'd pick a Sig 2022.

    However, more likely I'd pick something not on your list

    Once you learn how to shoot/operate a pistol, you may well change your mind on the Glock and its perceived fit.

    Another thing to consider is how much accessory support you are going to have, like finding holsters, magazines, etc.

    If there are places in your area where you can take professional training, and try a couple different pistols, I'd highly recommend that before purchasing. It's one thing to go shoot a pistol for an afternoon. It's something altogether entirely different after you've had professional training.
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    Yes... try them out if possible. Many ranges have a rental inventory.

    Choose a caliber and model you can handle effectively.

    There are many options out there. Sig (my personal fave), Glock, S&W, Ruger, etc. We all have our favorites and there is a model out there for everyone.

    Ask yourself what you want it for...

    Home Defense: I would opt for a full-size pistol with larger capacity magazines.

    Personal Carry: A smaller frame pistol that fits well with your dress style. Note that carrying will likely alter that style a bit.

    Target/Range Use: Consider cost of ammo.

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    If you're not concerned with concealed carry, want fun at the range, home defense, need reliability and built like a tank, yet on a budget, the obvious answer is a Ruger P95. Given your budget, that would leave you with money for ammo if you can find it.
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    I don't think there's a bad choice on the list, though the Steyr hasn't gotten much attention. I seem to recall that there was some strangeness about the supply, like they were imported and sold for a while by an unauthorized distributor, something like that. Probably not a big deal, but I'd suggest looking into that a bit just to make sure you can get support if there's a problem with it.

    Personally, if I were looking for a full-size 9mm, the CZ 75 would be at the top of my list. Great ergonomics, reliability, and accuracy. For bang-for-the-buck, look at the S&W SD9VE, but make sure to dry-fire it at the store to be sure you're okay with the trigger. And don't rule out a good revolver.

    And I hear you on Counterstrike, the CT's have it easy with their default .45 USP. Course, once people start AWPing it hardly matters...
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    Are we really deciding on guns based off of how they were in video games?

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    i have a full size beretta px4 storm in 9mm and it's worked like a champ. no problems at all and i've put 2500-3000 rounds in it with minimal cleaning. it's been a great gun and i really like it. i like the 17 round magazines a lot. speaking from a home defense standpoint the only downside it has is the safety(just my opinion). i keep my guns loaded with a round chambered(locked in the safe). if i ever need to pull it out i personally dont think i wanna be concerned with a safety. now......

    i also have a glock 27(.40) which is my new carry gun. i know your main concern is home defense but i REALLY REALLY like the trigger on it and the difference in recoil is very minimal compared to 9mm. unfortunatel it's a tad more pricey. This is not a glock promotion but i like mine so far and i think the trigger is perfect.

    personally i suggest getting something you can carry if you ever want to. for instance, a smaller gun that you can put a larger magazine in when used for home defense and you put a smaller magazine in it when you carry it. for example, my glock 27 uses a 9 round magazine when i'm carrying. when it's at home i use a 15 round glock 22 magazine and you can even get a much larger magazine for playing at the range. i'm on a budget, if money isnt a concern you can always buy more guns


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    You're getting good advice. Consider it.

    I notice there are no revolvers on your list. For a home defense gun, a S&W 686+ is a tremendous weapon, insanely accurate, and fun to shoot. But you can get a Rossi or similar at your price point that's close to this.

    No reason to limit yourself. Your first gun is just that: A first gun. No firearm can fill all holes in your plan, so you'll likely want to add a shotgun, a rifle, a carbine. You might want to go concealed carry at some point. Look at the Ruger SR9c - offers 18 rounds in the full mag, 11 in the compact. Very accurate and dependable. Works for HD and CC. Fits me like a glove, might fit your hand too, and is at the right price point.

    Remember that ammo, practice, holsters, and training are additional expenses.
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