Looking for experiance from anyone out there with premium finishes on there EDC's. I'm considering NP3 Plus on 2 of my EDC's, Kimber CDP Custom botailed and Compact.

From my research i'm leaning toward NP3 Plus. What draws me towards NP3 Plus other than its protectant ability it the self lubricating teflon inherent within it. I dont like to carry my 1911's dripping with oil and I figure the NP3 Plus with a dry coating of frog lube will make for easy cleaning and a reliable, long lasting gun.

I prefere the look of hard chrome but think for practically/longevity NP3 Plus wins out. What say you with finishes from premium companys? Robar will run $400 plus shipping with a 6 to 8 week turnaround so for that investment I would imagine I could go with just about any finish other than gold plateing.