I got an email today with a link to peek inside this mobile S&W/Nikon store:

Elite Sports Express

This was the email text:

Hello Everyone,

This is a special email we are sending to our Dallas area subscribers. GunsAmerica has been sponsoring the "Elite Sports Express" truck this year and it is rolling into Dallas this week. It is a giant mobile gun showcase, similar to the booths at SHOT Show, with full catalogs of guns and accessories from the truck sponsors. Smith & Wesson & Nikon will be featured this weekend at Ray's Hardware & Sporting Goods, 730 Singleton Blvd. in Dallas, Texas 75212.

This Friday and Saturday only, get deep discounts on firearms and accessories at Ray's Hardware and Sporting Goods in Dallas Texas.

Smith and Wesson models, H&K firearms, and other top models will all be on sale.

It's all part of the Elite Sports Express Cross Country Truck Event.

This 45 foot long semi trailer is chock filled with 100's of guns and gear from Nikon, Otis, Bersa Carry, Deadringer, Thompson Center, and more. Plus, you'll find 90% of the Smith & Wesson firearm line (guns you just cannot see in most dealership).

Click on the following link to take a peek inside:
Elite Sports Express

Everything is hands on. Handle guns. Squeeze triggers. Ask questions. Have fun.

Plus, if you purchase a (discounted) M&P pistol, make sure to talk to Smith & Wesson representative Scott Smith. He'll have a free gift for you.

But only this Friday and Saturday September 13th and 14th. Ray's is located at 730 Singleton Blvd. in Dallas, Texas 75212. Doors open at 9 am. You can reach them at 214-747-7916.

And tell them GunsAmerica sent you.

I'm not sure if I'm going to go, but it seems to me that this is a security nightmare just waiting to happen. A truck full of guns is one thing, but plastering 'Smith & Wesson' all over the truck is just asking for trouble.