Computer has been acting crazy so I'll try one more time.

Firstly ... phase one or first trip out with the new Rossi R92 Carbine chambered in .357 / .38 was strictly a familiarization
exercise. Buckhorn sights !!! Sight picture totally new to me. Setting up the target at 50 yards first time was a
big mistake for these old tired eyes. My g.son (21) hit the target five times, my rounds must be in the berm ???
The magazine spring is a real tough nut and a challenge to load. Not sure if I should attempt to shorten it or be
safe and take it to a smith ?
Range Report ( Phase Two )-resized-01.jpg

A side note ... .357mag brass was impossible to find so I got some 158gr SWC factory loads and shot some in my
DW wheel gun. HOLY COW ... now I know why I normally shot .38sp ... OUCH !!!

2nd Trip . Set up target at 25 yards, had a spotting scope and after some instructions on site management I went to work.

Range Report ( Phase Two )-resized-02.jpg

Much better results ! Hand loaded 158gr over 4.4g Trail Boss sure tamed the recoil, targets on the right. Next week I'll work
on improving the POI and try moving the target back another 5 or so yards. Gun functioned flawlessly just have to get used
to those sights.

Thanks for looking and comments are always welcome ... Jim