Gun for my son

Gun for my son

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Thread: Gun for my son

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    Gun for my son

    Hi all,
    I promised my 22 y/o son that I'd buy him a handgun once he successfully graduates from U.S. Navy Dive School, as a congratulatory gift. In all honesty, him and I have just been looking for an excuse, and this one works with the wife! Lol

    He wants a range gun that he can carry occasionally, not EDC.

    We both prefer things that are not super mainstream, and that goes with gun choice as well.
    He likes my FN FNX-9, but of course wants something different for himself. We had decided on the Beretta PX4 Storm Compact, but then he held a CZ 75 P-07 Duty and fell in love with it.

    (Not looking for suggestions...he's probably held every major brand and model of gun there is over the last three years)

    I know aftermarket support doesn't offer much for this gun, but are there any other things I should research? Any known cons about it or the manufacturer? From what I can find, it's a great gun.

    The other thing to consider is caliber. I think 9mm, but he's caught up in the ".40 is better" trend. I really don't know, or care, so I'll probably go .40 just so he won't think he got less than he wanted. If that sentence made any sense.
    We probably won't be able to test fire either.

    So, thoughts on this gun or cal choice?

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    Well, if he wanted something a little different in .40 you might look at a .40 caliber Browning High Power. Question is finding one of course.... if that is not an option you might look at a Glock 35. The longer sight radius makes for better accuracy, and it is definitely not common to see people carrying them. With this one you can also get a .357 Sig barrel which, with the longer barrel, will make that round really move along.
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    Flip a coin on the caliber, but his choice of gun is a winner. I'm not keen on the squared-off trigger guard, but the CZ-75 in any variant is a great gun. You might check out the other models, like the classic 75B (allows condition 1 or classic DA first shot) or its compact version.
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    P226 Navy, because well, its got an anchor on it, and if hes going to wear the bubble head badge, might as well shoot a beautiful gun.

    Now that thats out of the way, get him the .40, CZ's are excellent guns, my daddio had one for a while and he'd give me a little trigger time now and again.
    With the .40 he will only need a different barrel to be able to switch between 357 sig and 40.
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    Hi dad... I'm your sons brother from another mother!

    I'm sure you don't want the details posted here so just PM me about getting my CZ 75 to me and we can keep it all on the down low....

    Lov ya!

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    I held the CZ Duty a couple of weeks ago great gun, if I did not already have a CZ 75 P01 I would have bought it on the spot. They are the best shooters out of the box I have ever bought. Thats saying something since I am in my 60's and have been shooting over 40 years. He will be very happy with that choice, thank him for his service
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    Nothing at all wrong with CZ's, they're world-class.

    If I recall correctly, the 9mm version has sixteen-round magazines, while the .40 has twelve-rounders. I'd probably choose the 9mm for this reason, if it were me - one or two rounds isn't a big deal IMHO, but four makes a difference. But, if he wants .40, 12+1 will do the job fine.
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    let him get the gun he wants. it's a fine choice, IMO. it's not necessarily a lifetime commitment. he can always buy himself something else if he changes his mind or wants something in addition to the CZ.

    my own younger son wants my Kimber Gold Match for his first gun, but i'm leaning toward getting him a gun that's easier to take apart and reassemble than a 1911. and besides, i want to hang on to my Kimber for a while longer.
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    That CZ is a beauty! I've handled them before and have only good on them, Lots of good.
    Myself, I'd go with the .40 as it will deliver more ft-lbs with duty-grade ammo. (+ it was my issued duty ammo for many years and has saved my bacon)
    However, I do have a 9mm PF9, +P rated, (for hot days) but I needed to eliminate a range caliber due to ammo cost.

    Since I only get my ammo by the case, I 'try' to keep my calibers to a minimum.
    I would 'suggest' at least 3 mags and as much ammo as possible as it is probably as cheap as it will ever be right now.

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    How about a Sig M-11? Its something that he should become familar with being in the Navy! Good luck!
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    That is one fine firearm. Congrats to him on graduating and then for picking a winner of a gun! The caliber thing is a personal choice, but I've been reading lots of info from real gun experts (not yahoos like me) who are going away from .40 cal and going to 9mm. If it were me...I'd go 9mm and never think twice about it. Good luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by SCXDm9 View Post
    Hi dad... I'm your sons brother from another mother!

    I'm sure you don't want the details posted here so just PM me about getting my CZ 75 to me and we can keep it all on the down low....

    Lov ya!


    I once dove off a diving board.
    Does that constitute passing "dive" school?

    I think your choice of handgun is near perfect, but if I were him(your son) I would think long and hard about what smitty said about the CZ-75 in post #3.
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    Your gun choice is sound. It would serve well and be a great range pice and occasional carry pice.... do you adopt?
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    Quote Originally Posted by RadarContact View Post
    ... but then he held a CZ 75 P-07 Duty and fell in love with it.

    The other thing to consider is caliber. I think 9mm, but he's caught up in the ".40 is better" trend.
    CZ makes a couple in the .40S&W. The P-06 .40S&W is the cousin to the P-01 9mm. And then there's the CZ 75 B .40S&W. And the P-09 is available in .40S&W. Or, the P-07 .40 of course.

    One of these might well suit better, if .40 is preferred.
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