Opinions sought

Opinions sought

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Thread: Opinions sought

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    Opinions sought

    Some background: I carry a Kimber CDP II Ultra, which I love, in a Milt Sparks IWB at 4 o'clock and practice with at the range routinely. Most of the time it is IWB I don't think about its presence other than guarding against an unintentional unveiling. I also have a collectable .357 Python which is a fun shoot.

    My interest: I am (note the contradiction) seriously toying with the idea of adding to the armaments. Here's where I would be grateful for the input of the members of this great board.

    1. Since I am all jiggy with Kimber, it seems sensible to have an in-house firearm with the same feel and safety mechanisms. A Pro or Compact seems reasonable, and I could pop the .22 conversion on top for inexpensive fun plinkin', though the Compact would have the .22 clip hanging long.

    2. Related to (1) was the opinion I heard by a FFL dealer. He said he found he had a hard time selling the full sized CDP Pro because it was too light. Huh? He said most who end up buying 5" 1911 models wanted the full weight when they'd use it for target practice. That's not an issue for me, as the 3" unit handles fine, even in IDPA.

    3. Also capturing my eye is a Glock 36, but I don't intend on carrying two CCWs at once. Oh my! What's a guy gonna do?

    4. I plan on selling prototype Colt Python chambered in .22 to make up the bulk of the costs, in case anyone's wondering what's with this guy's high tastes!

    Thanks in advance for any and all thoughts.

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    Variety is the spice of life...

    So if I understand your question, you have a Kimber CDP Ultra (3 inch) and are debating a 4 inch Kimber Pro or a Glock 36? You like the Kimber Ultra very much for carry.

    I would say that the Glock 36 is very similar in function to the Kimber Ultra you already own and like. I wouldn't see much advantage or variety in buying a slim, short barrel Glock .45 when you have that base already covered with your Kimber. I would think you'd want something noticeably different.

    The 4 inch Kimber Pro will be slightly different in feel than your Ultra - more grip to hold and one more round of ammo, combined with an extra inch of barrel and more sighting radius and muzzle velocity. Of course it will not conceal quite as easily.

    One could argue that you should consider an all steel 1911 range gun with 5 inch barrel. Since you seem to want a .45, the 38 ounce steel gun will give you an easier gun to shoot well than the 3 inch, 25 ounce ultra. And it would be useful for home defense as well. If you want variety, the 5 incher will be much different than your Ultra - more difference than a 4 inch Kimber Pro.

    Or if you really want a different .45, how about a polymer USP 45? It shoots very well at the range, holds 12+1 rounds and is reliable and very useful for home defense. It won't carry too easily, but you have that base covered with you Ultra.

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    If you want another Kimber 1911 , why not a warrior . light rails are nice for an option on house guns.
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    not a big kimber fan but buy it over the glock

    the lightweight 5" guns are not that bad for carry and target practice is that bad but you will just because it is light fatigue faster than if it was all steel

    I used to put about 200 a session though my lightweight but that was also after a lot of 22's and 38's

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    Thanks guys.

    Thanks for the replies which have pretty well tipped me to the full size, full weight 1911. Mr. Moderator, I would be happy to have this thread closed now.

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    Mr. Moderator, I would be happy to have this thread closed now.
    As you wish
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