Another reason NOT to buy an iPhone 5S

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Thread: Another reason NOT to buy an iPhone 5S

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    Another reason NOT to buy an iPhone 5S

    I was thinking about it, but not after seeing this. Really, what good is it?

    The iPhone 5S May Break When Exposed To .50 Caliber Rifle Rounds
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    Yes, but it would easily stop a wimpy round like a 9mm or something.
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    I think much (much, much, much) more ballistic testing of smartphones needs to be done.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OldVet View Post
    I think much (much, much, much) more ballistic testing of smartphones needs to be done.
    Yes. Im mean seriously, what good are these phones if not ballistics rated, really what good are they?
    They contirubute to countless car accidents, children obiesity, and carpel tunnel syndrom. We should put warning lables all over them.. "Will cause car accidents" "Will not stop bullets" etc..

    /end satire
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    Saw on Fox News this morning that, contrary to popular belief, the new operating system does not make it waterproof. It seems that when the Iphone gets wet the operating system automatically powers the phone down. Evidently folks are attempting to prove this new "waterproof" feature....Apple is laughing all the way to the bank.Duhhhh...
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    I've tested my iphone 4 with 9mm and 38 spl. Held up fine. Guess I better keep it away from the 50 BMG.
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    This all could have been avoided by concealed carry.....
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    I made myself a vest out of old iPhones, so I'd guess I'm at least safe for everything other than 50 cal?

    Hmmmm, what if I added a double layer?
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    So I guess there won't be those warm and fuzzy stories about how the 5s saved a soldier's life cause he kept it in his breast pocket and it stopped a round. Bring back those old fashioned pocket Bibles. They stopped everything!
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    What are the other reasons to not buy an iPhone 5s? Soon as my upgrade comes (Nov, if I remember right) I'll be upgrading to one. I'm still working with what I call a "dumb" phone, and it no longer makes sense for me to remain behind the times!

    But I will keep this video in mind when I get one, in case of an active shooter or sniper situation.
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    As if I needed any other reason, being an Android fanboy and all.
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    I personally do hot believe it will stop any center fire rifle cartridge. Handgun, ok, but not rifle.
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    I just "UP"graded to a Samsung Galaxy S3.

    Does everything my iPhone 5 did and then some. The GUI is awesome. Wont be using this baby for target practice anytime soon..

    Check um out @ Compare Phones (Phone Scoop)
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    What the phone needs is to adopt a disclaimer. Here is the one I use on many of my Ebay auctions.

    No warrantee, including fitness for a particular purpose or usefulness of information, express or implied. This product not tested on animals, as college students are cheaper and nobody cares what you do to them, Professional driver, closed course. Clean your room. Serving suggestion. Stay in skool. Be secure in the knowledge that we're all part of a plan, but be thankful that you're ignorant of its cruel, bloody particulars. Do not apply to broken skin; if condition persists consult a physician. Refrigerate after opening. Not for internal use. Void where prohibited. Don’t mess around with Jim. Power doesn't really corrupt, it is magnetic to the corruptable. Objects in mirror may be 2 dimensional. Must be 18 to play. Credo Quia Absurdum. Trespassers will be violated. Albatross! Don't put that in your mouth, you don't know where it's been. Call your mother, she worries. If erection lasts more than 4 hours, seek immediate medical attention or bikini photos of Rosie and Oprah. Do not taunt happy fun ball. Do not look into laser beam with remaining eye. Beer, of course, is actually a depressant, but poor people will never stop hoping otherwise.
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    What a piece of junk.
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