What firearm of yours has the best price to fun ratio?

What firearm of yours has the best price to fun ratio?

This is a discussion on What firearm of yours has the best price to fun ratio? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Almost each time I go out shoot, I get the biggest kick out of shooting my Mosin Nagant rifles. Sure, an AR-15 or Glock is ...

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Thread: What firearm of yours has the best price to fun ratio?

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    What firearm of yours has the best price to fun ratio?

    Almost each time I go out shoot, I get the biggest kick out of shooting my Mosin Nagant rifles. Sure, an AR-15 or Glock is a lot of fun, but the Mosin give me the most fun per dollar spent of any firearm I own. (Even .22s, which I really enjoy). that price to fun ratio takes into consideration ammunition cost and price of the firearm.

    For me, it has to do with the slow calculated fire of a powerful round, while not feeling guilty about sending huge amounts of cash down range.

    So, of all of the firearms in your collection, which provides the best price to fun ratio for you?

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    .22s, hands down. M&P 22, S&W J frame, Marlin model 60, kimber & CZ bolt actions, ruger single six. thompson semi auto .22
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    It would be my Ruger 1911 Commander. A 1911 was the first gun I ever shot 42 years ago and still my favorite. The Ruger is well made with good features for $800.
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    Boy, I'd be hard-pressed to say which, but as a class I'll say the mil-surps rank at or close to the top. So far that includes a pair of Swiss K-31 carbines, a 91/30 Mosin-Nagant, and a Garand. The Swiss kids were about $100 each, the M-N was about $80, and the jewel - the Garand - was free, a gift from my father-in-law. Working up accurate loads for the Garand put huge grins on my face! Over the summer I spent some range time with the K-31s and from offhand with a hasty-hasty sling mount, I could score 1 for 3 on a 24" diamond at 300 yards... that's with open sights and sexagenarian eyes. Lots more smiles!
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    I bought a CZ83 a couple months ago. I had not shot it until today. Man is that gun a ton of fun to shoot. Maybe not cheap, since it's .380. But it is laser accurate and really soft on the recoil. Small caliber round in an all steel gun. My wife loved it too. If my girls show any interest in shooting handguns that will be right after the .22's.
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    Ruger 10/22 but only after the addition of a red dot sight as far as real fun is concerned. Mossberg 500 "Zombie" shotgun is a lot of fun for a moderate price regardless of sight options.
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    It's got to be the 15-22
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    Considering I made a good deal score on a bulk of ammo for it Id ay the SKS. For now its cheap to shoot, the wife loves shooting it and its just fun to shoot.

    We do more serious combat style SD type training with her SR9 and my SW40VE, way more.

    But when we get out the SKS there is always a period of just flat out fun rapid fire blowing the heck of stuff LOL.
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    Tough one. I'm with Ghost1958 on the SKS but I also gotta throw in the Henry .22, that lever gun provides plenty of fun.
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    Not the most fun to shoot, but the most fun to watch other people shoot is the Smith & Wesson 360.

    13 ounce Scandium framed 357 magnum. People figure it is a little j-frame... How nasty can it be. One shot later and they regret picking it up. Cracks me up. I am even nice enough to warn them that the recoil is "extremely stout" but they never believe me.
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    gasmitty said "I could score 1 for 3 on a 24" diamond at 300 yards... that's with open sights and sexagenarian eyes."

    I can relate to the sexagenarian eyes with the left being the dominate one but shooting the .357 / .38 Rossi carbine
    is fun and challenging. I doubt I'll ever match the 300 yard score but I move the target back a "little" each week.
    Ten for ten at fifty yards had me grinning ear to ear last week !

    Another really fun shooter is the Browning Buck Mark. Now that I've finally scored some .22LRs it will make the trip to
    the range next week.

    Have to mention the Bersa .40 Thunder Pro ... what an accurate pistol and probably one of the most overlooked. It
    gets a workout every week as well.

    Yep, I reload or else I couldn't afford to shoot and you get to see some great firearms, meet interesting folks too.
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    Probably my Ruger Standard Model/Mk I. I purchased it for $100 from a pawn shop almost 25 years ago; in that time I've had it parkerized twice and put thousands upon thousands of rounds through it. It's taken a fair amount of small game and killed thousands of soda cans, too! I wonder how much many dollars worth of ammo I've put through that gun...
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    Love my AR, but for the most fun for the money, it is real hard to beat a Ruger 10/22 with a few BX-25 mags and a whole bunch of 22LR ammo. Decent scope just makes it better.
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    Well if I could find a place where I could shoot rapid fire hands down would be one of my 10-22s. If I still had 1 or 2 of my old bowling pins (they make GREAT targets) my 870 and Mossy with slugs.
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    The most fun pistol I have to shoot is my Sig P250c 9mm.
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