Archangle Stock for the M44

Archangle Stock for the M44

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Thread: Archangle Stock for the M44

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    Archangle Stock for the M44

    I know that several of us here own Mosin Nagants of various makes. I own three of them myself, they are hard hitting rifles with lots of history and loads of fun to shoot. The M44's are popular around here and I know of several people that use them for deer hunting.

    Recently I was tasked with doing some mods on an M44 for a friend of mine. Normally, I'm not a fan of taking a pristine Milsurp rifle and sporterizing it as to me it a historical thing and they quit making them long ago. My friend knew that, and he talked me into changing his up.

    He bought rifle for 50 bucks, so he didn't care to spend some money on it. He already has a bunch of pristine hunting rifles and this was more of a "project gun" for him. He brought it to me with lots of parts and told to me fix it up.
    Of note was an Archangel stock, developed just for the M44. I'd heard about them and thought it was an interesting concept, but had never laid eyes or hands on one until this one showed up. The original stock had been painted black and it looked like it had been dragged behind a pickup truck. There was an AK muzzle break on the front of the barrel that would have made a great example of how not to mount one on Wikipedia. It had 4 screws that when through the brake, into the barrel to keep it secure. Since it looked sort of stupid, JB weld was added to it and molded around the screws and then spray painted black.

    That gun was so ugly that he got it for 50 bucks from the guy that had been asking 100 for over a year and no one would buy it.

    So I went to work on it. Using the parts kits supplied, I cut off the bolt, and drilled and tapped it for the new bolt handle. My friend had an AAC muzzle brake laying around doing nothing, so we cut the barrel to 16.5 inches and got rid of that awful looking contraption with it. The barrel was threaded for the brake and then I installed a Timney trigger kit, which reduced the trigger to 3 pounds. We mounted a long eye relief scope and although I had doubts about it, it actually holds zero well and appears to be pretty accurate. The muzzle brake knocks some of that fireball off and helps to keep it on target while reducing the should stomp that the M44's are famous for.

    Its a different looking gun and that stock completely changes the handling characteristic of it. The rifle went from butt ugly to...umm....different looking but I cannot deny that the Archangle stock is a worthy addition to that rifle.
    The stick comes with a 5 round detachable mag, and 10 rounders can be ordered. It seems to work well as no failures to feed were encountered. That stock is actually pretty ergonomic, it just feels good and the stock is adjustable several different ways. Its light and its fast handling. One could do much worse for a deer rifle.

    Here's a picture for those that might want to dress up theirs.

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    Looks good. I like the idea of the detachable mags.
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    What type of can is he going to use. I have a SDN-6 on the way wonder if that would work?
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    That has to be painful to stand next to when shooting. Being next to a M44 was way more abusive than actually shooting one. But I do want one. But it is much more attractive than it was i am sure. Something of note to add to your resume Hotguns. Good work.

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