Cop asked NOT to wear uniform and gun when around students???

Cop asked NOT to wear uniform and gun when around students???

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Thread: Cop asked NOT to wear uniform and gun when around students???

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    Cop asked NOT to wear uniform and gun when around students???

    Arizona police officer asked not to wear uniform at daughter?s school | Fox News

    I would say, someone just please tell me a school principal was not this stupid, but what I can say is that around ten years ago I had a woman look at me, in a full police uniform, at a Middle School, and say, aghast, "You have a gun!" I told her, "Why yes, yes I do, because I am a uniform."

    She looked at me with those glazed over Liberal eyes and I swear, this is what she said, "Well, don't you think that by carrying a gun into the school you are encouraging the kids to carry guns into the school!?"

    I had absolutely no answer that did not include terms that would get me fired, so I just gave her that look that I use to convey, "You're obviously an idiot," and walked away from the gape jawed, vacuous, black hole of stupidity that she created......

    Now I fear for our country even more when this kind of idiocy can cause the school to actually ask a uniformed police officer to NOT be there to drop off their child.
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    "Teachable Moment"? How about teaching those kids police respect, teach the parents as well. Ignore the administration, they have no common sense.
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    What idiot complains about any type of police presence? Makes me want to puke.
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    "No one needs to carry guns but police and military"

    "No police allowed"

    Typical liberal double speak.

    It's time for a transfusion in this country.
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    You can not fix a liberal mind, it's broken and lacks the ability to have any common sense.
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    Well, we cant very well expect people to understand LE, if we dont also try to understand them. No one get me wrong. I think this is sheer stupidity.

    However, in "teacher speak", or school speak, offering up a "teachable moment", is a way of saying they screwed up, and trying to put it right.

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    A district spokeswoman told the station that "some parents" voiced concern about seeing a fully armed police officer on the school’s campus.
    Wonder what a semi armed police officer looks like.

    They invited the officer to a special assembly to talk about what police officers do for the community.
    I hope he shows up "fully armed" for it.
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    I can't imagine having the cojones to say that to an LEO.
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    Hope the guy politely and with a smile on his face told the principal to shove it up his ........
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    I'm speechless. They want security at their schools, but they apparently don't want to see it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by high pockets View Post
    I'm speechless. They want security at their schools, but they apparently don't want to see it.
    Yep, no different than thinking the meat at the grocery store is somehow not the cow at the farm. The same people that don't understand that sometimes life just sucks, and you have to pull yourself up and move on. They want the government to take care of everything so they don't have to acknowledge the fact that sometimes life is hard.
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    I wonder who that Admin will call when their is a "Bomb Threat", Intruder Alert", "Psycho Shooter", Bad Pop Tart, etc.

    When I was in uniform, I did the "DARE" classes at the various schools, armed per policy (it was NOT a choice).

    I used to pick my kids up at times in plainclothes with Open Carry (w badge on belt), attended countless parent-teacher conferences the same way and never heard a peep.

    If Principle doesn't like LEOs wearing uniforms and sidearm, they should contact their State Congress Reps. (My self, I would have demanded to speak the the school Superintendent, immediately.... or a School Board Member if the Super was not readily available) then, I would have requested a supervisor to the location, immediately.
    This is a serious and "Official Request" by a School District Officer.

    My wife is a retired School Admin and I'm retired State Trooper.... we'd have put that admin's career on permanent hold, at the very least.
    (in the interest of community relations, of course) LOL

    Cop wasn't thinking, probably a FNG.
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    The most brilliant people on the planet often go entirely unnoticed, but let a public moron opens his/her mouth, it is news at eleven and the topic of countless discussions.
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