Smith&Wesson SD40VE value?

Smith&Wesson SD40VE value?

This is a discussion on Smith&Wesson SD40VE value? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I have an sd40ve I bought earlier this year and Im wanting to sell it in order to buy my shield 9mm. I'm wondering what ...

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Thread: Smith&Wesson SD40VE value?

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    Smith&Wesson SD40VE value?

    I have an sd40ve I bought earlier this year and Im wanting to sell it in order to buy my shield 9mm. I'm wondering what the value would be on this gun, I bought it for about $330 not including tax. its only got about 250 rounds through it, any ideas? Also should I trade it in or just sell it?
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    I would check the going rate on gunbroker and gunsamerica. I personally have no idea. Sorry

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    Hard to say.

    I bought my SW9ve from a coworker apprx. 2 yrs ago.
    He bought it new a few before that, and took excellent care of it.
    The GS was only going to give him $150 for it with original case, fired bullet and FIVE mags.
    I gave him $180 and we were both happy.
    You will not get (IMHO) near what you paid for it.
    His pistol would have sold for maybe a bit N of $200 in a F2F sale or a GS.
    You might get somewhere near $250 or maybe a bit more if you hold out for the right person but that may be about it.
    Start talking it up, and see if some of the gun ranges in your area have a sale board for F2F transactions in your area.

    My transaction with him was around 2.5 years ago.
    I didn't need/ want it, but I wasn't going to pass it up.
    Kids may need it one day or ?

    Good luck.
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    I'd keep it before I'd give it away..

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    I saw one at a local shop slightly used for $300 w/2 mags.

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    Cabela's is selling them for $349. today. Rule of thumb is to sell yours a 20% of current value (not what you paid for it).
    Trade-in on a like new sidearm should be the same.
    Use & condition may vary your handgun's value.

    Bottom line is what is it worth to YOU and how soon do you want the other? + the asking price of the other if trading.
    MSRP for a Shield is $449. but some sell them cheaper, most don't, then is the possibility of a used Shield.

    I have a Shield in .40 that allows iy to be converted to 9mm with a barrel swap. I don't think a 9 can convert to .40, though. (not positive)
    My decision for the big bore .40 was standard 165 gr bullets + it is much easier to get more ft-lbs energy at POI with a .40 and they feel about the same to me with good Duty-Grade +P ammo.
    Also, Gold Dot, LE, 165 gr, +P, GDHP, "For Short Barrels", will expand at lower velocities as will Hornady, 165 gr, Critical Defense XTPs due to their special jackets designed to expand at lower velocities. The Hornady's have their HPs filled with what looks like a pencil eraser to prevent plugging.

    During my LE career, I was often issued Speer Gold Dot HPs.... they are VERY effective in real life.
    Both Brands + CorBon will meet FBI penetration and expansion standards (4 layers 14 oz denim + 16 inch ballistic gel) & are available in both calibers, among others.

    The S&W Shield is one fantastic sidearm with plentiful holsters . If you want to take full advantage of the Shield's 0.95 inch thickness, take a look at the "Versacarry Clip" instead of a thicker holster, They have them for every barrel length/caliber.... I know sells them for $21. + Free s/h. I love mine.

    Make certain your Shield isn't among those involved in the recall.
    Hope this helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by patri0t View Post
    Rule of thumb is to sell yours a 20% of current value (not what you paid for it).
    Huh? Sell it for $70?

    Did you perhaps mean "20% less than current value?"
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    just keep it. no reason to sale it. you will not get much on trade in and the sale price will be low too. it is just best to keep it.
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    I agree with, frankmako The average price for one used here in KY is $275.00. Frankly the pistol is worth more than that in reality. I have one as well as a an old SW40VE. Both shoot 100%. The SD has a better trigger than the SW but all in all, regardless of comments, I find both to work just fine. No, it is not a $1000.00 pistol but it will do the same harm.

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    Soap box off..
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